Spring runways inspire trends for coming season

By: Katie Christoff – Asst. A&E Editor

In the midst of this brutal Ohio winter, spring probably seems pretty distant. Luckily, runway shows are always seasons ahead of us, promising exciting new spring trends to look forward to once the snow begins to melt. Here are some predictions for this spring’s hottest (and most wearable) trends, straight from the spring 2014 runway shows.

Fashion is basically wearable art, and this spring’s runway shows take this comparison to a whole new level. Many pieces coming down the runway had artistic prints that looked like they were straight from the Museum of Modern Art. Add some fun and artsy prints to your wardrobe this spring with dresses, tops, and even pants or leggings if you’re feeling bold.

For the first time in a long time, hemlines are actually lengthening instead of shortening. This season has seen a new twist on the classic pencil skirt with hemlines lowered to just beneath the knee. These have been shown as a professional look paired with a blazer, or more casually paired with a structured crop top. This trend is the perfect way to dress to impress at your summer internship.

Undoubtedly the biggest trend of last summer, crop tops have ridden their momentum into 2014. They were everywhere on the spring 2014 runways, shown with pants and skirts alike. Try one with a below-the-knee skirt to achieve a streamlined look and modest balance. Start doing your crunches, ladies, because it looks like crop tops are here to stay.

One of the most basic rules of fashion is to never mix black with brown or navy, but this spring is challenging that. Many designers showed navy and black color blocking or navy blazers paired with black pants. Go ahead and wear brown shoes or a navy blazer with your little black dress, because these classic color combination rules are long gone.

I’m calling it now: leather is the new black. It’s everywhere from subtle accents on shirts to full leggings and jackets. This trend is easy to incorporate into any look and is incredibly versatile. Start with a shirt with leather trim and wear it to class or out on the weekends – just accessorize accordingly. Edge up your look with leather leggings paired with a loose top and heels. If you’re hesitant to try full leather leggings, look for some with leather piping down the sides to elongate your legs. Leather jackets are another great way to top off any look.

It may not feel like spring yet, but many of these trends can easily be incorporated into winter outfits. Now that you have your spring shopping list, go forth and spend the rest of the semester in style.

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