Sons of Texas Guitarist Talks New EP

Daniel Peters 

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Profanity is used in this article.

Sons of Texas (cover photo) released a new EP after two studio albums. Courtesy of @sonsoftexas, the band’s Twitter

The five-piece southern metal band out of McAllen, Texas, Sons of Texas, has shocked the world again with the release of their solo EP aptly named “Resurgence.”

They decided to release this rocking EP without being on a major record label like Razor & Tie. This seemed to be a move that drove the band to be heavier and louder than they have ever been. Even though there are only three total songs on the EP, it makes me extremely excited for what this band will do in the future. 

They are fresh off of two albums that netted them with two songs, “Beneath the Riverbed” (“Forged by Fortitude” album) and “Baptized in the Rio Grande,” (“Baptized in the Rio Grande” album) which was played on the SiriusXM channel Octane. Now, they are back with a vengeance on the brand new EP. 

Sons of Texas consists of Mark Morales on vocals, Mike Villarreal on drums, Nick Villareal on bass, and Jes De Hoyos and Jon Olivarez on guitar. 

I was lucky enough to interview Jes De Hoyos and ask him a few questions. 

  1. What was the inspiration behind the “Resurgence” EP?

It’s the obsession to write, record and perform that drives us. We took the bull by the horns and decided it was too damn long since our last release. So we got a few tunes together and put a plan in place to make the EP come to life. 

2. How was it releasing “Resurgence” while not on Razor & Tie?

Refreshing. We did it and we did it our way. Respect and love to Razor and our team for taking us in and giving us a shot, but I think this needed to happen. It definitely gave some perspective and helped shape us further as a unit. 

3. What is any advice you’d give to young, up and coming bands or artists that want to do what you guys do for a living?

Forget everything you think you know about the music industry. The surefire way to get where you want to get is doing the leg work and grinding hard. Tour that ass off, boy. No measure of online success equals to years, and YEARS of touring. 

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The first song off of the EP is called “Spoils of War.” To me, this seems like a song that Pantera, one of the best metal bands of all time, would have written in their prime. It is such a heavy and headbang-inducing song that it makes you want to get up and go to the gym and just start lifting everything in sight. 

The following song “Resurgence” has the perfect mix of screaming and clean vocals that are lifted up by the driving drum and bass lines and the chuggy riffs of the guitarists. It hits heavy from the beginning to the end and makes you just want to jump up and down with the beat. It is very clear why they named the album after this song. It clearly shows that this is where they show the world what they’re really made of and why they deserve to share metal with the masses.  

The last song “Lock, Stock and Barrel” is the perfect example of southern hard rock. The screaming and clean vocals add an excellent layer on top of the groovy bass lines and the southern rock style guitar plays alongside the punchy drums. 

This is an amazing EP, and I think it is another step in the right direction for this band. Every song on this EP should be a live staple of theirs, and I hope they release more new music soon. 

I would give the EP a 5/5.

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