Songs of the summer 2020: Quarantine Edition

Listen to some songs of the summer suggested by contributing writer, Daniel Peters.

Daniel Peters 
Arts & Entertainment Staff Writer

2020 has been a weird year for all of us. However, one way I escaped this crazy year was by  throwing myself into the world of music. From the time we left campus to the tail end of summer, it was extremely difficult for me to deal with some personal events in my life. 

That’s when this playlist came in. I chose my top 20 songs of this summer, half outside of my favorite genres and the other half in hard rock and metal. Check it out!


  1. Brighter Side of Grey- Five Finger Death Punch
  2. Resentment- A Day To Remember
  3. Hot Girl Bummer- Our Last Night
  4. Bottom Feeder- Parkway Drive
  5. Johnny Cash (Stripped)- Wage War
  6. Set Me Free- Avenged Sevenfold 
  7. Popular Monster- Falling in Reverse
  8. As Above, So Below- In This Moment
  9. Flowers On A Grave- Bush
  10. Her Eyes- Fame on Fire

Pop, Rap, Country

  1. Blinding Lights- The Weeknd 
  2. One Margarita- Luke Bryan
  3. A Thousand Bad Times- Post Malone
  5. Level of Concern- Twenty One Pilots
  6. Bloody Valentine- Machine Gun Kelly
  7. Outlaws & Outsiders- Cory Marks
  8. Dancin (feat. Luvli) Krono Mix- Aaron Smith
  9. Get Wit Dis original mix- Manics
  10. I Think I’m OKAY (with YUNGBLUD)- Machine Gun Kelly

When I first heard “One Margarita,” I instantly thought that this would be the song of the summer for me. It  turned out to be one of many. “Resentment” and “Bottom Feeder” really helped me get out all the pent up emotions that I had causing me to headbang my troubles away. 

“Brighter Side of Grey”, “Blinding Lights,” “Hot Girl Bummer” and “A Thousand Bad Times” helped me express the feelings that I couldn’t verbally get out. The song that had the greatest impact on me was Wage War’s “Johnny Cash (Stripped)” due to the pure emotion that radiates from the vocals and rhythm enough to fill any room. 

This was the first summer where I really went outside of my comfort zone when it comes to music genres, and I am so glad I did because I never would’ve been exposed to some of these amazing songs. 

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