Senior rapper and songwriter Sem releases ‘Paradise III’

UD Senior Anthony Semerano releases his album Paradise III which reflects on his growth over the past four years of college.

Maddy Bartsche | A&E Editor

UD senior, Anthony Semerano (Sem)—a rapper, singer and songwriter—released his album “Paradise III” on April 8. All the songs for the album were recorded at Nvasion Studios in Cleveland and Home Studio in Dayton.

Semerano started producing music in 2015 during his time in high school.

“I have always had a knack for music. I listen to it every day. I like to freestyle and I tried it at lunch one time and they’re like ‘Yo, this is pretty good.’ So, from there I went home and I recorded a really preliminary project and that was called Paradise.”

Sem’s hip-hop music draws inspiration from artists such as  J. Cole, Logic, Tory Lanez, Kendrick Lamar and Mike Stud.

Speaking on how UD has responded to his music, Sem said, “UD has been great! We throw parties at my house and people will come through and I’ll maybe do a performance with my one friend who plays guitar. They are always really supportive with that.”

He added, “Especially with Spotify,  you can see there’s a playlist called the Sounds of University of Dayton [and] every time I drop it’s like at the top of the list. I can tell people on campus are listening and that’s so cool.”

“Paradise III” is streamable now on Spotify.

Sem was able to create his own studio in his VWK apartment and later in his house in the student neighborhood.

“Paradise III” is the third album in his paradise series.

“The inspiration behind it was just taking all the positives, negatives and in-between things that I’ve learned and trying to exhibit my growth not only as a student and a person but also as an artist.”

According to Sem this growth can be seen when comparing Paradise, Paradise II and Paradise  III.

“You can hear through the lyrics how I have changed as a person, through my four years, since writing that original Paradise project.”

Dj Devin Karter ‘21, said, “Honestly, when listening to it, it feels like Sem is just sitting in front of you and you’re both having a conversation. I love the jazzy/soul influence he’s got in it. It creates a super good vibe that makes you feel great when you listen.”

“I’m pumped to hear the next project he drops! I love Sem; he’s super easy to work with. He really is in his groove with the rhythm in this project and you can feel it,” Karter added.

Other artists featured in the album include 3vd, Tmeupteddy, Majik, Adi Rei and junior UD student Claire Mulard.

Mulard said, “I think Paradise III does something very different in terms of genres. I’m so excited for the album and Sem in general because I really think he’s tapping into a niche with this album.” 

When asked his favorite song Sem said, “I’d say my favorite is ‘Alright!,’ which is the fourth song, because it exhibits my style, where I can come in and do some really unique rapping with harmonies and have some really good bars throughout the whole [song].”

Sem explained that he is able to take bad situations and use them as inspiration for music. 

“It’s never a better feeling than when you finish that song or you finish that lyric and you can sit back and press play and you’re like ‘Wow, I went through that really bad experience, but I was able to take that and turn it into this.’”

“Making music has always been therapeutic for me. That’s what I love about it,” Sem added.

Providing advice for other students who may be interested in making music Sem encouraged, “Never be afraid to actually try. You never know where something can take you and I have had so many opportunities because of music. If you think you can do it and you really want to, try and see where it takes you.”

After graduation, Sem will be working at Nvasion Studios in Cleveland audio engineering and is also seeking a social media job.

For more information follow Sem on Instagram @semsounds or on Tik Tok @sem.sounds. You can also check out his music videos here.

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