Review: Taqueria Mixteca serves up cheesy authenticity


By: Evan shaub – Opinions Editor

Cooking is one of the most important human inventions. Food, as obvious as it may sound, is the energy that powers us throughout the day. Sometimes a good meal is the best answer to any problem.

Few places in Dayton understand that better than Taqueria Mixteca, a humble restaurant located in the heart of east Dayton.

We can’t live without food, and everyday – for the most part – people wake up and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dining is a way for people to connect, celebrate and relax. It’s a source of nourishment that becomes our body in a literal way. Often, though, students at the University of Dayton get a little boxed in and forget about some of the options off campus. So this year, Flyer News looks to be a source of information for anyone looking for a great new dining option.

Walking inside Taqueria Mixteca, patrons are greeted by the smell of spices and vegetables being cooked. The sounds of Latin American artists Larry Hernandez and Banda El Recordo play over the radio in the background. One look at all the meals being eaten by the other customers, and a person can’t wait to try something of their own.

I sat down and looked over the extensive menu, and after much deliberation, I decided what I wanted to eat. I ordered the steak and grilled onion chimichangas, and the tacos also sounded enticing so I decided to try those, too.

One bite of the chimichangas and I knew I made the right decision. The wrap was prepared perfectly, blended with cheese, steak and grilled onions to create a taste that I had been craving. The tacos were no different.

The steak tacos I ordered were also cooked to perfection. They were prepared in a traditional fashion, topped with shredded cheese and homemade salsa and accompanied with a lime. After the first bite, I couldn’t stop. It was perfection: everything tasted like something that came straight out of the finest restaurant in Monterrey, Mexico.

The chimichangas were served next to a bed of rice and beans that complemented the entrée. All of this was washed down with a half-liter Coke made with real sugarcane.

Sometimes to find truly authentic food you have to search for it, and last week my search ended. A good meal can solve almost any problem, and at Taqueria Mixteca, all my problems were solved.

Taqueria Mixteca is located at 1609 E. 3rd St. It can be contacted for pick up orders at 937-258-2654 and are open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

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