Porch Profile: The Women of 423 Kiefaber

Issue 17-Huang-_MG_9058wSeniors Kim Ely, Summer Schneider, Kristen Iannarino, Lindsay Mayors and Olivia Bovalina live at 423
Kiefaber. (Vincent Huang/Staff Photographer)

By: Kayleigh Kavanaugh – Staff Writer

FN: How did you meet and come to be roommates?
Kim Ely: Kristen and I lived together, then added Olivia our sophomore year.
Lindsay Mayors: I lived on the same floor with Summer and then met Kristen because we had classes together.
Summer Schneider: We can make it easy and say we all met in chess club.

FN: What is the main house rule?
SS: For them to clean up their nasty hair out of the shower.
KE: I have shower crayons and had to write a letter at the exit of the shower and it turned into a huge joke.

FN: What’s the house like on weekends?
SS: Friends come over and hang out.
KE: We play a lot of board games. I wish I was kidding. Euchre, Cards Against Humanity….
Kristen Iannarino: Our weekends usually begin with some pregame and music.

FN: What type of music do you usually have playing?
Olivia Bovalina: Vanessa Carlton.
KI: “Frozen” soundtrack.
SS: “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”
KI: Whitney Houston.
KE: Beyoncé
KI: Taylor Swift’s “22,” if it’s someone’s birthday.

FN: If you girls could have any house pet, what would you have?
KI: Puppy.
LM: Hedgehog.
OB: A chinchilla.
SS: This house would turn into a zoo if there were no rules.
LM: We have Kitty Surprise.
KI: It has cat fetuses in it… We all wanted a pet so she brought Kitty Surprise. We bring her to the bar with us.
SS: There’s only two left.

FN: What is your favorite part of this location?
OB: It’s close to everything.
SS: It’s central, well maybe it’s not, but people come here just to pass through.
KI: We are on the side of Kiefaber that faces campus.
OB: Those extra 20 feet are very trying.
KI: We don’t have to cross the street. It’s less dangerous.

FN: What are some house traditions?
OB: We plan for traditions and they all fall through.
KI: We have Sunday movie night.
SS: Bagel Café.

FN: What is your favorite memory in this house so far?
LM: The snow day.
OB: The night before was very impromptu.
SS: We had an inside source tell us we were going to have a snow day, and people were over by 7:30 p.m. and counting down to 9:30 p.m.
OB: It was basically New Year’s Eve.
KI: It was basically our Chinese New Year party!

FN: What is your favorite TV/movie to watch together?
KE: Our friends always bring very thought provoking movies. We watched “Frozen” and a bunch of our friends left because it wasn’t deep.

FN: Whose closet is everyone’s favorite?
KI: Lindsay and Summer’s.
SS: We share.
KI: Summer is our very own college fashionista.

FN: If you could do anything together when you come back after graduation for a reunion, what would it be?
KE: Sit on the roof of 421 College Park.
KI: Go back and visit all of our old rooms.
SS: Make up a cool story about myself.
KI: Say you invented post-it notes?
SS: We would do Zumba on Kiefaber.
OB: Summer would love to move onto Kiefaber and be the grandma. She has a blog, grandmaonkiefaber.com.

FN: Any bucket list items to do together before graduation?
KE: Open and close Milanos.
SS: Go out in the Oregon district.
KI: We are trying to make Cassano’s a raging bar on campus.

FN: Any last words?
SS: Bees?
KE: Hello? Pizza?
RM: Shout out to Mary Ellen Dillon aka M.E.D.

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