Porch Profile: The Women of 414 Kiefaber

Rose Rucoba
Staff Writer

FN: How did you all meet?

Ashley Bressmer: Me and Anna went to high school together.

Sammi Bakken: six-tenths lived on the same floor freshman year.

Raika Casey: I was suspended and I got randomly assigned to them.

FN: If you could give everyone in your house a superlative, what would it be?

Aly Halleran: Liann is Best Sleeper.

Ashley B: Sammi is Most Likely to Get Married.

Bailey Hollihan: I think Ashley is Funniest.

Liann Winship: Ashley is Most Likely to Be on a Reality TV Show. And Ellen is Most Likely to Get Arrested!

Ellen Park: Lea is Most Likely to Get into a Political Debate.

BH: No. Lea’s Most Likely to Organize an Event Nobody Knows About.

Camila Robles: Bailey is Most Likely to Be Smiley. And Ali is Most Likely to Cry.

LW: We’re all pretty emotional.

BH: Anna is Most Likely to Study.

Lea North: Ashley is Most Likely to Hurt Herself.

LW: Raika is Most Likely to Sue Us.

EP: Anna is Most Likely to Know the Most Random Facts.

FN: What is on your bucket list?

AH: Do everything.

Anna Bokel: Did you guys know that there is a golf course in the Ghetto. There’s a map and there is a golf course that someone has made through the Ghetto.

Ashley B: Find that!

EP: Get a picture of all ten of us.

CR: Oh! Bucket List: one night, all ten of us, HUGE slumber party!

LW: We’ll all sleep in Raika’s room.

Ashley B: This can be planned later. On my bucket list is go swimming in the Rec pool!

LN: That’s a big one!

Ashley B: Go back to our freshman dorms.

SB: I heard watching the sunrise from the graveyard is really cool.

Anna B: We need to play hide n’ seek in this house!

FN: What is your most embarrassing moment at UD?

Ashley B: I fell down the stairs here…

RC: Every weekend is a new and embarrassing moment for one of us.

LW: Sometimes we drive around and we’ll just yell things out the window at people. One time we were stopped at a red light and Aly was like “Oh, I know that kid. He’s in my class,” and I shout, “It’s Aly Halleran from class!”

LN: I walked into the wrong class the other day and sat down. I was there for like 30 minutes.

EP: That happened to me first semester senior year. I walked into Philosophy 103 and sat down and there was roll call, but my name wasn’t called.

LN: I walked into the boys’ bathroom once. That was kind of embarrassing. I was washing my hands and a boy walked out of a stall.

Anna B: I was walking in KU when the door to the boys’ bathroom opened and I wasn’t paying attention, and ran into a guy.

LW: Raika walked into a pole.

RC: It’s always there!

FN: What is your spirit animal and why?

EP: Bailey is a koala. She sleeps all the time.

Anna B: They’re slow, too.

Ashley B: Liann is a sloth.

LN: I’m an otter because I like to travel. I’m also really nice to everyone.

CR: I’d be a horse.

AH: I’m a panda!

Anna B: I want to be my dog.

RC: I’m a velociraptor!

Anna B: You’re a lizard of some sort.

LN: I could see you being like a snake.

Anna B: You’re a shark!

CR: What’s your animal, Sammi?

SB: I don’t know.

RC: Sammi could be a puppy.

Anna B: Ashley, you’re like a goldfish.

RC: We just sit and watch you do things.

BH: You’re more like a hamster.

FN: What advice do you have for underclassmen?

EP: Don’t fall down our center stairs.

CR: Bring party favors.

BH: If they don’t take attendance in class, you can skip.

LW: Don’t lose your key.

BH: Don’t forget to check out of your dorm before break.

EP: Rack up your Path Points!

CR: Get a job.

EP: Invest in a blazer.

RC: Get to know your teachers.

LN: Start to create your resume freshman year.

LW: Pizza is not your friend every weekend.

RC: Don’t get your books until you really need them.

CR: Stay with your friends over break. Don’t go home every break.

LN: Get an internship or co-op as an undergrad.

BH: Live with your best friends.

Photo Courtesy of Sylvia Stahl.

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