Porch Profile: The Women of 413 Stonemill

(Left to Right) Lil Petrey, Meg Thornton, Katie Cantlin, Liv Clark, Bella Fusillo. Photo provided.

Maddy Bartsche | Porch Correspondent

Flyer News is bringing back an old tradition – Porch Profiles – except this time, we’re writing in a form any group of roommates can relate to: text chains. DM us @flyernews if you and your roommates are interested in being featured!

FN: How did you all meet?

Katie: Bella, Lil and I all lived across from each other in Marycrest. Bella met Liv, I met Meg through work and eventually we all meshed together!

Meg: I met Katie through work and then on Halloween I was introduced to the rest of the roommates and I moved in the next semester. The rest is history! 

Bella: Halloween is pretty much the foundation of our friendship.

FN: How long have you lived together? 

Katie: Bella, Lil and I have lived together since sophomore year. When I went abroad in the second semester, Meg moved into my spot. Starting junior year, we all have lived together!

Liv: I lived across the street from them in the second semester of sophomore year, too. We have always lived really close to each other.

FN: What’s your favorite thing about living on Stonemill? 

Bella: Being able to sleep until ten minutes before class.

Katie: Pretty views down the street with all the cute houses and I agree ^ the short walks.

Liv: Living behind Tim’s last year has really made me appreciate a relatively quieter part of the student neighborhood.

Lil: Porch vibes are great on Stonemill! There’s always people walking by that will stop to say hi! 

Meg: Stonemill is a prime location, and the house is amazing! All the houses in our row matched the porch lights which was so fun! 

FN: Is there anything quirky about your house? 

Liv: There was a chair put into Lil and I’s shower!

Katie: ^yeah they randomly installed one over winter break. Also we turned the upstairs loft into a ‘babe cave’ complete with ping pong, a projector, a futon, and velcro axe throwing

Bella: We also have an alarming collection of Baby Yoda memorabilia.

Lil: We also have a huge wall of photos of us and our friends! 

Meg: ^^ all of the above plus a really squeaky front door!

FN: What’s your all time favorite memory together?

Liv: Last year, when we weren’t having gatherings of more than a few people, we had themed Saturdays where we dressed up and shared meals together on our porch. Some of our best themes were Jersey Shore, Saturday Night Live characters, and a fake awards ceremony where we wore old prom dresses. It was a difficult year adjusting to school with COVID, but we made the best of it and always had something to look forward to.

Katie: The past two summers we’ve gone to Meg’s lakehouse in Michigan for long weekends. We painted our pong table there, spent the days on the lake, had bonfires and ate good food. It’s the definition of a perfect gals getaway. 🙂

Bella: We always congregate around the kitchen table, even last year when our kitchen was so tiny. Probably my favorite conversations we have.

Lil: Sometimes we plan little roommates outings with just the five of us. We’ll go to dinner, go shopping, or sometimes catch a movie. It’s nice for the five of us to spend time off campus together. 

Meg: My favorite memories have to be Sunday mornings when we are all eating breakfast together and catching up after the weekend! Also the cottage memories that Katie mentioned are also in the top faves. 

FN: What is on your bucket list for this semester?

Katie: Just enjoy second semester senior year and prioritize quality time with friends!

Liv: We have talked about visiting our old dorms, apartments, and house together. I really want to see them again before graduating. Maybe get another monster cookie from Marycrest.

Meg: To have the best semester yet, and so far, mission accomplished!!

FN: Do you have any advice for underclassmen?

Katie: Don’t stress about “finding your people” right away. The five of us didn’t really all mesh together until the end of sophomore year and really got close junior year. There is no need to rush into friendships, you’ll just find them!

Bella: You 100% do not have to have a life plan, even though it can be really stressful not to. Live with people who have similar work-to-fun ratios as you. And always take free food.  

Liv: ^^ you may change your mind and plan a million times and that is okay. It is encouraged actually. Do not settle! Also, take advantage of all the resources and fun things UD has to offer. Go bowling with friends, swim in the pool, try to connect with alumni, go to tutoring. There is so much for you here, and you’ll never regret at least trying something new.

Lil: Nobody’s career and life path is linear. You’ll meet new people, experience things you never thought you would, change your mind a million times, etc. Don’t stress too much about figuring it all out right now. College is a time to have fun exploring what it is you like to do or want to do in the future. When you graduate, you won’t remember the nights you spent cramming for exams. You’ll remember the fun you had with friends and the things you learned that helped shape who you are. 

Meg: Work towards your goals, but realize those goals can change and that is part of the process! Have fun, but life is all about balance. Don’t stress because everything will end up where it’s supposed to, but set goals and work towards them! 

FN: If you were all back for your 10-year reunion, what would everyone be up to? 

Katie: on a porch, Tim’s

Liv: We are definitely big on reminiscing and retelling stories we have laughed at a thousand times.

Lil: Katie would have to fly in from Spain. Megs would be an amazing PA somewhere sunny and tropical. Liv will be advocating for environmental protection and single handedly saving the earth. And I, Lil, will hopefully be traveling the world, advocating for mental health services. 

Meg: ^^ Everything that Lil said, plus we will have already seen each other every year after graduation and created new memories!

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