Porch Profile: The Women of 339 Kiefaber

Issue 21-Huang-_MG_9344wThe women of 339 Kiefaber: Sarah Sureck, Kim Rossman, Rachel Kilbury, Bridget Sprosty, Claire Beadle, Molly Dunn, Kristin Knight, Anne Farrell, Michelle Lempke, Kathleen Lambert.VINCENT HUANG/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

By: Kayla Mueller – Staff Writer

FN: What makes 339 Kiefaber different from any other house?
Rachel Kilbury: We have 10 people living here and we all get along 99.9 percent of the time.
All: We have two kitchens, three bathrooms and seven bedrooms.
Claire Beadle: I feel like we’re on cribs.
All: We are going to be best friends forever.
Michelle Lempke: It wouldn’t be an interview if I didn’t start crying.

FN: If you could have any job at UD, what would you want it to be?
CB: I would be a bouncer at Tim’s.
RK: Dr. Dan.
Kim Rossman: A Marycrest lunch lady.
Sarah Sureck: Librarian.
Molly Dunn: Marianist Brother.
Anne Farrell: Barista at The Blend.
Michelle Lempke: Yoga instructor.
KN: The guys who drive the golf carts around…the groundskeeper.
RK: The campus would go to shambles.
Kathleen Lambert: Public Safety, or a Mom’s Limo driver.
Bridget Sprosty: The laundry fairy or a landlord.
Kristin Knight: Wait, I’ll be the men’s basketball coach.

FN: What is the theme song for your house?
All: “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness.
KN: “BBC” by Jay-Z.
All: That was a phase…

FN: What is the most important thing that you look for in a guy?
RK: They have to like Bdubbs.
KR: We are all a package deal.
All: You don’t date one of us, you date all of us.
KL: Someone who will take out our garbage.

FN: If you could use one word to describe 339 Kiefaber what would it be?
All: Majestic, classy, pheasants.

FN: Each roommate was given a superlative from the other roommates.
KR: Most likely to be an angel.
SS: Most likely to be working out at 6 a.m. after going to the library.
MD: Best dancer…dramatic… most dramatic dancer? OK, most dramatic.
BS: Most fashionable.
ML: Most disco/Most edgy/Most likely to be wearing glitter.
CB: Most likely to have a Boston terrier…or free spirit. Most likely to be hit by a car.
KK: Biggest butt (Judy)…and most likely to speak in third person.
AF: Most likely to be a junior.
KL: Most likely to fall asleep…or be eating Mexican food every single day.
RK: Most likely to be a feminist…not a diva.

FN: If you were a Disney princess who would you be?
CB: Pocahontas.
MD: The Grinch.
KR: Boo from “Monsters, Inc.” I’m the house baby if you didn’t notice.
KN: Jasmine.
ML: Ernie the Muppet…No that’s actually “Sesame Street.”
KL: Sleeping Beauty.
SS: Ariel because she has red hair.
RK: Rex from “Toy Story.”
BS: Cinderella.
AF: Snow White, because you guys are all my dwarves…actually my brothers can be the dwarves. Actually, I’m Simba because he rules the kingdom.
KL: Molly will be Oscar the Grouch.

FN: What do you want to be when you grow up?
ML: Claire, Bridget and I are opening “339” a boutique for edgy, bohemian, classy clothes.
KN: A figure skater.
AF: To work at SeaWorld.
Me: Have you seen “Blackfish”?
AF: No…
KK: Molly and I will be homeless/cougars of the University of Dayton.
MD: And I will take over The Deli, too.
RK: “Wolf of Wall Street.” A nice one minus the drugs, prostitutes and illegal things.
SS: Olympic bodybuilder.
KR: Cute girl for life.

FN: What advice do you have for your fellow Flyers?
KR: Go out.
ML: Never say “no,” unless its drugs.
All: Noooo!
ML: That came across wrong…I just meant “go with the flow.”
BS: Study abroad.
MD: Get used to being poor.
CB: Buy a lot of Ramen.
AF: Only deep dish from Dominos. Never thin crust.
SS: Graduate early but still live here.
KL: Never eat Chipotle when you have a hangover.
KN: Always make a mega bed.
ML: Buy Spotify premium.
KN: Hey, I told you about it, so that should be mine!
RK: Get the breakfast at KU on finals week, it will help you do better… and join Women in Business.

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