Porch Profile: The Women of 333 Stonemill

Senior residents of the Pi Beta Phi house


Twelve girls, including Flyer News’ former Editor-in-Chief Emma Ellis, live in the Pi Beta Phi house on Stonemill. The seven seniors of the house sat down with Flyer News to talk about the pros and cons of living in such a large house and share their sisterhood with readers.

FN: What makes your house different from any other house?
Mallory Martindale: We run the dishwasher four times a day.
Emma Ellis: We have a cleaning lady.
Kristen Kemp: We have two refrigerators.
Allie Lueke: The laundry room is a constant battle.
Emma Canter: The amount of hormones in this house at any given time is just ridiculous.
AL: Valentine’s Day was an experience…
KK: There were a lot of carbs involved.
Emma Kinnaman: And chocolate!

FN: What would be the theme song of this house?
AL: It’s either “Club Can’t Handle Me,” “Timber” or “I’ve Gotta Feeling.” Canter makes a mean formal playlist.
EE: I’m actually going to say it’s “Ignition.”
All: Okay, “Ignition.”

FN: Describe your house in one word.
EC: Amazing.
EK: Loud.
KK: I’d say #blessed.
EE: Roller-coaster.
EC: Madness.
MM: Godspeed.
Tina Alwan: Dys(FUN)ctional.

FN: What is the best part about living in a sorority house?
EK: It’s clean.
MM: There’s always someone to hang out with.
KK: We have 12 different closets.
EE: Convenience.
EK: Lots of free food.
TA: It’s a place where you need therapy, and the place where you get therapy at the same time.
AL: I just really like the TV.

FN: If you were to give each roommate a superlative, what would they be?
TA: Emma Canter is most likely to be the next Jillian Michaels.
EE: Tina is most likely to physically turn green. She eats a lot of lettuce.
AL: Kinnaman is a future socialite.
EE: Mallory is THE intern.
AL: Kristen is like the future Mrs. Rogers. Mr. Rogers would marry someone like her.
MM: Leuke is most likely to have a TLC show.
EK: Emma Ellis is most likely to have a talk show.

FN: Whose closet do you steal from most often?
All: Allie.
EE: That’s because her show on TLC is going to be a combination of “My Strange Addiction” and “Hoarders.”

FN: If you could have any job at UD, what would you want to be?
TA: I’d be a professor.
AL: I would keep my job. I like being a swim instructor at the RecPlex.
MM: Greek life assistant.
EE: Mallory would mold into Kevin Cane if it were humanly possible.
KK: I’d work at the counseling center.
EE: I’d be ALM (Amy Lopez-Matthews).
EK: I’d be a tour guide.
EC: I would get my own fro-yo truck and bring it around to people, like the grilled cheese lady.

FN: Do you have any house traditions?
AL: We have appetizers here before every date party and social.
EK: We have a jar that we put all of our memories from this year in. We’re going to read them all again before graduation.
TA: We watch every award show together.
EC: Basically every tradition involves food, too.
EE: And Tina usually buys Buffalo Wild Wings for us.
MM: We like to wear towel wraps.
AL: Before every formal, Canter makes an amazing playlist.
TA: We make this mixture of Greek yogurt and salsa. It’s really good with multi-grain tortilla chips.

FN: If you came back for your 10-year reunion, what would each of you be doing?
AL: Tina’s going to be earning her third Nobel Peace Prize.
MM: Lueke is going to have ten kids.
EK: Kristen will still be in school.
EE: Mallory is going to be working for Google or Apple.
MM: Kinnaman is going to be walking around in heels.
EE: She’s going to be a lady who lunches.
TA: Canter is going to be the ultimate mom who makes these super delicious Pinterest recipes all the time, but then also a partner at an accounting firm.
EK: Emma Ellis is going to be an NFL wife.

FN: Do you have any advice for fellow Flyers?
MM: Get involved.
TA: Go out for a leadership position that makes you manage people. There isn’t a class that teaches you that. You have to learn from experience.
AL: Try Taco Bell breakfast.
EC: Be nice to Pi Phis!
EK: Go to Daytona.
EE: Get involved in a few different ways, in groups with different dynamics.
KK: If you have the opportunity to live with the same roommates for more than one year, do it. You’ll learn a lot about each other and make some really good memories.

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