Porch Profile: The Women of 320 Stonemill

By: Erin Ottesen – Porch Correspondent

Seniors Mary Kate Berigan, Colleen “Sully” Sullivan, Maggie Devine, Rachael Najarian, Colleen Morgan, Bridget Devine

FN: How did you all meet?

Maggie Devine: Bridget and I met in the womb, Coll and I were random roommates, Sully lived across the hall in Founders with us.

Colleen Morgan: Sully and I went to a UD Long Island event. We met the summer before we came here.

Bridget Devine: MK lived on my floor.

MKB: I asked Bridget to be on my intramural basketball team but it [hasn’t] happened yet.

BD: Rach and I work together at ArtStreet.

Rachael Najarian: Maggie and I met through Delta Sig, and I met Bridget through ArtStreet and lived across the hall from them sophomore year.

MKB: Sully and I studied for West and World together.


FN: If you could give everyone in your house a superlative, what would it be?

Rachael Najarian: Maggie Devine-most likely poop and scoop.

MKB: Bridget is most likely to be off-the-grid in a year and live on a pickle farm.

MD: Colleen is most likely to fall asleep with Jimmy John’s in her mouth.

MKB: Anywhere but her bed.

MKB: Sully is most likely to be the most loyal fan of irrelevant reality TV shows.

MD: MK is most likely to win the milk gallon challenge.


FN: What is on your bucket list for this semester?

CM: Watch the sunrise on Stuart hill.

Colleen “Sully” Sullivan:  Coll has been setting alarms to watch the sunrise every time we go out for three years and it never happens.

MD: Finally see Titanic.

CM: In Daytona, ride the slingshot enough until it’s free.

RN: Find full time employment at Cruisins in Daytona Beach, FL.

MKB: I want a bouncer at Tim’s to know me by name.

RN: Maybe get invited to the infamous Milano’s bartenders Florida trip.

CS: Get tattoos in Daytona.

RN: Go to Pine Club at least five more times.


FN: What is your most embarrassing moment at UD?

RN: I feel like I’ve been embarrassed a lot this year, but not really cared too much.

MD: We did a bar crawl after a day drink and we showed up to Tim’s in our day drink attire.

MKB: I found little Maggie in the middle of the dance floor by herself in a jersey and sunglasses.

CM: Walking back to Tim’s at 8 a.m. in the morning to retrieve my phone and wallet.

BD: I fell down our flight of stairs at Chambers.

CS: On parents weekend, it was like 7pm and I just started putting my feet on people until I had the couch all to myself in front of everyone.

MKB: I got too engrossed in a video shown in class and applauded with the people in the video not realizing it and my teacher called me out.

MD: At Fieldhouse, a bouncer did not believe Bridget and I were 21 even though we showed him our IDs and already bought drinks.

BD: I had to try on a boy suit coat at a thrift shop because apparently I “looked about the same size” as some kid making his confirmation.


FN: If you were all back for your 10-year reunion, what would everyone be up to?

MKB: Bridget would be skyping in because she couldn’t leave her country or send a carrier pigeon. Colleen will have 16 kids and will be a Long Island house wife. Rach will be a CEO of a company.

RN: Maggie will have her first four kids with J-White of Toledo, add him on twitter.

MKB: Sully will be the mayor of Dayton and living here with cats and a few kids, more cats than kids and she will have an herb garden.

CS: MK is gonna be in Guatemala, teaching.

RN: She will have married a Guatemalan teacher, have cute kids and will be teaching Guatemalan kids to plant seeds.

MD: And she’ll still be drinking Miller.

MKB: I also feel like Rachael will be the face of a meme someday.


FN: Do you have any house traditions?

CM: Shroyer in nightcap.

MKB: Turkey turn up is our annual Thanksgiving party that we give a less than 24 hour notice for.

CS: 30 second dance parties have been alive since freshman year.

CM: HBO show binges and eating a lot of food.

MKB: Bill’s and Dorothy Lane runs.


CS: We used to all get separate orders for the UD discounts.

BD: Now we leave Wendy’s, decide we want more and drive back.

RN: four for fours *swoon*


FN: What is your spirit animal and why?

MKB: I never know how to answer this.

All: Bombeck!

MKB: We all agree we’re all different aspect of Erma Bombeck.


FN: Do you have any advice for underclassmen?

MKB: Meet as many people as you can, get out of your comfort zone.

CS: Go downtown and don’t be afraid.

MD: But not at night.

RN: If you’re gonna go to Pine Club, never settle for the 8oz filet… get the 10.

BD: If you’re ever on the verge of staying in, go out.

CM: No one remembers the nights they got a lot of sleep. Hang with your friends all the time even if you have a lot of stuff to do.


FN: Anything else you would like to add?

CS: Rachael doesn’t actually live with us.

RN: But I’m a roommate.


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