Porch Profile: The Women Of 305 Kiefaber

Emily Stupi, senior marketing major, Elise Zielinski, senior international business management and nonprofit and community leadership certificate program, Catherine Schneider, senior chemical engineering major and materials engineering minor, Claire Elenteny, senior exercise physiology major, and Jaclyn Franz, senior exercise physiology major.

By: Julia Hall – Print Editor

FN: How did you meet?

Elize Zielinski: Well, Claire and I were random roommates freshman year. And, then, Emily was our neighbor, and Katie lived down the hall.

Jaclyn Franz: And, then, Claire and I actually were in the same orientation group because we have the same major.

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FN: Why did you want to be an MSC (Marianist Student Community)?

JF: I think a lot of reasons. We all lived together sophomore year. And living on Club Six, I think, we had a great bond like we are doing all this stuff together, so we got super close. We all have this shared value of the Marianist Charism and our Catholic faith. I think being an MSC was like our next step. We heard about it and were like, ‘yeah we already try to eat together, pray together when we need to,’ so I think we tried to make it a little more intentional. I have definitely seen the bonds between us grow and develop because of that.

Emily Stupi: I think being in an MSC is such a unique opportunity for the University of Dayton. So, it all was like a natural progression to what we need to do, and something that we will take with us after graduation as well.

EZ: I think it all resonates with us as individuals, but then also as a group, which makes it even more of a cool experience.

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FN: Which roommate has the biggest quirk?

(laughter ensues)

EZ: I think we are all pretty quirky, to be honest.

JF: Honestly, if I walk in and someone is lying on the table, or someone is yodeling on the couch with their boyfriend, or someone is burning something in the kitchen and there’s flames (ES: Come on) or they are performing music and doing a particular swing dance, I am not going to be surprised by any of that. Basically, we are crazy all of the time.

EZ: Or, for encouraging people to go on work outs at five in the morning, and then yelling at them for being miserable.

Claire Elenteny: Good times.

ES: Claire Irish dances in her sleep.

CE: I don’t mean to. You put on red lipstick every day.

ES: That’s not a quirk.

CE: To me it is.

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FN: What’s on your Dayton bucketlist?

ES: Oh, it’s around the corner.

JF (runs around the corner): Well, we have our MSC things that we wanted to do like we have community events and MSC Thanksgiving, Christmas exchange, and last year we had a sleepover in our back room and watched movies and ate junk food until we got sick. We had trick-or-treating. We woke up at 4 a.m. on Saint Patrick’s day to eat breakfast together.

ES: Breakfast. Note that. It was breakfast.

JF: We had group Halloween costumes. Our friend Mark is supposed to make us dinner- it is on the list. We have gone to Zumba classes together, learn to cook things new, traveling, shopping- there’s a lot on there. So, you know, when you are sitting around and are like ‘oh, we should do something like that eventually’ or pass something cool, but you don’t think about it. We just go- there’s the list.

Emily Stupi, Elise Zielinski, Catherine Schneider, Claire Elenteny and Jaclyn Franz posing outside of their house.

FN: What was your most embarrassing moment at UD?

EZ: Do you mean today, this year?

ES: There are a lot of embarrassing ones, but I am trying to think of a noteworthy one that we all experienced.

CE: Reverse trick-or-treating was kinda embarrassing.

Catherine Schneider: That was last year.

ES: Well, okay, so, we were trying to promote our MSC, and we made like little goody bags and put a little blurb about ourselves- like a nice wholesome thing. But, then, like we were either terrible at speaking to them because we were like, ‘Hi, um, we are an MSC. We made this for you.’ Or, there was like naked people who answered the door. Or, there was like people asking us about Scientology. Or, people were looking at us weird, and we were like, ‘killing it guys.’

ES: Yeah, it was bad.

EZ: I don’t think anyone received it well, including us.

JF: Like, we probably wouldn’t have even opened the door for ourselves.

ES: I have another one. It was from last year. So, I guess we are doing pretty well this year. For us, birthdays are like a huge thing.

CE: Yeah, I was just thinking that.
ES: Especially for 21sts’ last year, we like blow it out of the water. Not saying like a giant rager, but like we go all out to show people that we care, or whatever it is. So, our tradition last year was to do pranks on people on their actual birthday. So, for Claire, we dropped two pounds of pasta and jello on her head out of a second story window. And, last year, for my birthday, they decided- I don’t even know the what the goal of the prank was- but they decided they were going to dump a bunch of stuff on me and spray me with spray cheese. Like, I don’t even know- throw frisbees at me. So, to get me outside so that we didn’t make a mess, they set off my car alarm, repeatedly, for about four minutes. I knew it was happening. Next thing you know, the police show up.

JF: We just had been where we had break-ins on Woodland, and like that naked guy was running around.

CE: Yeah, it was like the day after.

ES: The police show up. They finally get me outside. It is like a whole scene. People start chucking things at me. I get hit in the head with a frisbee. Yeah, I am just running around. Anyway, so yeah, pranks are embarrassing. People probably don’t understand it, but it is funny to watch.
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FN: Where will each roommate be in 15 years?

EZ: Katie is going to be a millionaire, like making fancy discoveries with chemistry.

JF: All well composing her own music.

EZ: On the side.

CE: And she will have 12 dogs.

JF (pointing to CE): In prison.

CE: Wow! Might as well drop out now.

JF: You’re going to be a wonderful physician assistant, and you’re going to save a whole lot of lives. You will continue your EMT work on the side because you will continue doing that. You’ll have one very large dog that you just carry around with you all the time.

CE: Nice save Jac.

JF: You are also going to have your own Irish dance business.

CE: Sounds like quite the life.

JF (referring to EZ and ES): Business professionals on top of a really tall building with your own office. I don’t know.

CE: Well, Elise will probably be at the top of some nonprofit doing some good work, but inside she is actually a real weirdo. Like, in her office, she will have some weird dinosaur hats.

EZ: From you!

CE: Some random poetry or something that makes no sense. Then, she will just go home and yodle with Steve. Mom (addressing ES) is just going to be- she will dress the same. You know, nothing will change about the dressing.

EZ: Kitten heels and lipstick every day.

CE: She is going to be marketing and constantly panicking about it. She will be like, ‘I need to order 500 hats. I need to order them- as long as everyone else is moderately comfortable- I need to make a flier on a word document, and the picture is not going in!’

ES: All I am getting is that I am going to be marketing and panicking about it. Is that what I am going to do with my entire life?

CE: Then, you might settle down comfortably with a nice home and some grass because I don’t know that life.

ES: I do like grass.

CE: And a charming house with a porch swing.

ES: Yes.

CE: And, you’ll be the CEO of Raising Canes on the side.

ES: Raising Canes is my life. Jaclyn, we forgot Jaclyn. First of all, she is going to have a duck. You will have a duck. You will be ripped, so ripped, still ripped from rowing.

EZ: Fifteen years later- still going strong.

ES: But be successful as heck. Like, you are going to be writing speeches for the President of the United States. She is the most eloquent of us all.

CE: She will probably be a physical therapist in like the northern woods of Washington. I could see it. Just like some random place off the radar.

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FN: Do you have any house traditions?

CS: We have done Thanksgiving together every year, and holidays, but we kinda repeat it each year. Like breakfast at four on Saint Patrick’s Day, a Christmas exchange. We like to eat food. We have the Fatty diaries.

JF: It is in our time capsule mailbox, which is another tradition that we have- putting things in the mailbox. It is a notebook that is covered with wrappings of food that we write narratives whenever we do something very, very fattening like eating a whole cheesecake.

ES: In a night.

CE: I made this for Emily for her 19th birthday. Yeah, so, we like to take food to the next level.

ES: Yeah, we love Bill’s. We plan on taking our senior pictures there.


FN: What is your favorite place to hang out at UD?

CE: I know your favorite place (looking at ES): the heating vent at KU.

ES: Why did you bring up KU? Why would you say that? Before they remodeled KU, freshman year we would go to KU to get ice cream almost every week. You know the door that you walk in before you go into the Galley? There is a heater. In the middle of winter it was always so cold to make it from Stuart down to KU, and there is this heater, and that is my favorite place at KU.

CE: I would say, for real though, probably our porch. We are always out there.


FN: What do advice do you have for underclassmen?

JF: Don’t be afraid to be weird because there are definitely people out there that can match your weirdness, and you will find them eventually. Aside from that, make this your own experience. I don’t think anyone will come out of UD with the exact same memories, and I think as long as you are willing to pursue whatever you are very interested in, this will be the best couple years of your life.

ES: I would say get involved. We all come from different backgrounds and are interested in very different things. But that kind of makes us ‘us,’ and in a way makes us fit together as well.

CE: Probably, again, don’t be afraid to be yourself because you will find your niche.

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