Porch Profile: The Women of 233 Kiefaber

By: Rosie Rucoba – Porch Correspondent

Featuring Hannah Hirst, Emma Meyer, Amanda Delaney, and Elizabeth Bayer

FN: How did you all meet?

Hannah Hirst: Amanda, Emma, and I lived on the sixth floor of Stuart in Adele, so we’ve known each other since freshman year. Eli is our “rando.” There were five of us in this house, but one of our roommates needed to take a semester off, so we were looking for another person and we didn’t want to get a random roommate, but I don’t really know…(to Eli) Do you want to take over here?

Elizabeth Bayer (Eli): I got a list of openings on campus and theirs looked the nicest. And I kind of knew Emma and Amanda through APO—a service fraternity.

Emma Meyer: If we didn’t like you we were going to call you “rando” and shun you… but then we liked you.

FN: If you could give everyone in your house a superlative, what would it be and why?

EB: Emma is Mostly Likely to be the Person Who Would Walk Out of the House Without Her Head—like if her head wasn’t attached, she would forget it.

EM: I totally would!

EB: (to Emma) Most Likely to Forget Head and Keys!

HH: Eli is Most Likely to Become a Suburban Mom.

EB: True! Amanda is Most Likely to Sleep Through Her Wedding.

Amanda Delaney: I would be!

HH: You didn’t give me one.

EM: You’re Most Likely to Swing First In a Fight. You’d be most likely to be like that protective person…most likely to not simmer.

HH: I would swing first. If they deserved it, I would swing first.

FN: What would your spirit animal be and why?

EB: I would say that mine is an elephant because I love elephants; they’re very gentle giants, but they can be loud, if needed.

AD: (After taking a spirit animal quiz) I’m a camel?!

HH: My spirit animal is my dog because they’re the sassiest thing… and so cuddly. I’m hard on the outside, but nice on the inside.

EM: No, you’re a rock! You’re just hard all over!

AD: I’m definitely a sloth, all I do is eat and sleep. I take about one nap a day, if not two.

HH: I think, Emma, you’re like a peacock. A male peacock. You’re just vibrant. You just have to be seen and heard.

EM: I like that!

FN: What’s on your bucket list?

EM: I want to ride an elevator up to each floor, one by one, and annoy everyone! Or I want to be like Elf and smack all the buttons!

HH: But we don’t have a building with that many floors.

EM: Oh my gosh! I know what I want to do! I want to finally get one of those pizzas they give away at the basketball games. I have never gotten one of those stupid pizzas!

HH: Crowd surf.

EB: Graduate.

AD: Go on a Spring Break trip with my friends.

EM: Yeah!

EB: We should set up our Slip-and-Slide! That’s on my bucket list.

All: We should!

FN: What is your most embarrassing moment at UD?

EB: (to Amanda) This has you written all over it.

EM: My freshman year, I sat in a Greek Philosophy class because I thought it was my History class. I stayed there for the entire hour and twenty minutes, not understanding a word.

HH: (to Amanda) Did you do something to food freshman year…with the microwave?

AD: We burnt chocolate in the microwave freshman year.

HH: Yeah!

EB: I set the fire alarm off freshman year with my hair dryer.

AD: A day ago I put face wash in my hair.

HH: This is what I hear. She’s debating whether or not to shower and my room is right next to the bathroom. I just hear “Eww! My hair smells like face wash.”

FN: What advice do you have for underclassmen?

EB: Live in Stuart.

HH: Yeah, Marycrest seems like it’s all fun and games because you have the bigger rooms and everything, but I think living in Stuart was definitely a game changer. You were close with everyone on the floor, at least we were.

EM: We had a ping pong table and a fireplace.

EB: Have fun. Don’t worry about school.

EM: Take a walk through Oakwood. Walking through Oakwood is so fun.

HH: I know this sounds really stupid, but this really is your time to just be lost and confused and vulnerable, but that’s the stuff that’s necessary to figure out what you’re going to do and who you’re going to be.

EB: And cry. It’s OK to cry.

Photo by Christian Luigi Cubacub – Multimedia Editor

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