Porch Profile: The Women of 229 Lowes

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By: Katy Hoeper – Staff Writer

FN: How did you ladies meet?

Katie Bourgeois: Christie and I went to high school together.

Sarah Busch: Christie, Mollie and I were all on third floor Stuart our first year.

Mollie McCormick: Yeah, Sarah and I met online.

Olivia Weyler: They were direct roommates who met on Facebook.

Christie Mauch: Olivia is the same major as all of us.

Sarah Hiti: I met Christie in first-year biology. And apparently Sarah Busch was in that class, too.

SB: Yeah, she doesn’t remember me.


FN: Care to share your most embarrassing moment at UD?

SH: We have to pick just one?

SB: During winter once, Mollie and I were walking down the steps by the big windows right outside of KU, and Mollie slipped and took out my legs. I fell, and we wiped out in front of everyone. It was bad.

SH: Junior year, we were at the Shady Shell, and when we were in line I was the last to pay. When I got outside, it was dark, and all I could see were two sets of car lights. I took a wild guess and picked up the car to the right. I opened the door, got in, and it was the wrong car.

CM: We could see her getting in the other car, and I was banging on the window. You could just see the surprised reaction of the other driver.

KB: My embarrassing moment was when I transferred after my first year, and I had no idea where anything was. So on the first day of classes, I used my GPS on my phone to get to the Bombeck Center. I looked like a complete freshman.

OW: Right after March Madness, I was at Tim’s and I saw Devin Oliver. For some reason, I thought it was a good idea to run up, hug him and run away. We turned it into a game we call “The Hugging Game,” where we do the same thing to random people now.

CM: I was on crutches earlier this year, and, when I was at a store, the salesclerk glanced at me, down at my foot, and then back to me. The look she gave me told me she knew I’d had a good weekend when I hurt my foot.


FN: If you knew you could stay at a certain age forever, what would it be, and why?

CM: I’d want to be 21, because you’re old enough to be independent and do what you want you want to do.

KB: But you’re still young enough to be crazy.

SB: I’d want to be four forever. You have no worries.

SH: Ohhhh, yeah. PB&Js forever.

KB: Yeah, but then you’d never experience food after getting home from going out, and that’s way better than anything a four-year-old will ever eat.


FN: What’s your go-to family meal?

CM: Well, we actually started this last year when we had to first cook for ourselves, but, because it’s too hard being in the kitchen all together, one of us will make dinner for all of us.

MM: It’s actually really cost effective.

KB: We all make only like two dishes, but we are really good at making those two.


FN: Give everyone in your house a superlative.

OW: Molls gets best scarer.

KB: Yeah, she’ll just hide somewhere and pop out and scare you.

MM: It’s fun for me, but not for them.

SB: Christie is the planner of the group, for sure.

KB: Sarah Hiti is Most Likely to Bring Food Everywhere.

SB: Yeah, Sarah is a food hoarder.

KB: More like, Most Likely to Try to Bring Special K into Milano’s. “Sarah you can’t bring that!” “No, guys, it’s okay. They’ll let me.” No, Sarah. They won’t.

SH: Katie is the Most Likely to Get People Turnt Up.

OW: And Sarah Busch is the Most Innocent.

KB: Olivia is Most Likely to Dance on a Table.


FN: If you were to be visiting for your 10-year reunion, what would everyone be up to?

KB: So, we’d be, what? 31 or 32?

SH: Oh, God…

MM: Well five of us are going to grad school, so we’ll probably still be paying back debt.

KB: Hopefully we’ll all be married. Molls will probably have five kids.


FN: What is the perfect method for eating an Oreo?

OW: Licking the middle, then eating the sides.

SH: I like eating the whole thing in two bites.

CM: Yeah, you definitely have to have both parts.

MM: Well, I love deep fried Oreos.

KB: No way, you have to go “Parent Trap” style. Dip it in peanut butter.

OW: Ew.

FN: What’s a really good memory you have in this house?

OW: Well, two weeks ago, we had this random person bang on our door, and Katie let him in.

KB: He looked familiar, OK.

OW: Yeah, so the next morning, we wake up, and he’s sleeping on our couch. When he woke up, we were all like…

KB: “Do you know anyone here?” And he goes, “Um…Kyle?” Yeah, no. All girls live here.

OW: So he was like, “Oh. My. God. I will get out of here right now…”


FN: What’s your favorite spot at UD?

SB: Mine is the little bench right at the top of Stuart Hill overlooking Stuart Field. Oh, I need to add that to the bucket list.

SH: Uh… the cafeterias?

CM: Mine isn’t really a spot, it’s just being anywhere in the neighborhood, looking at the houses.

MM: Serenity Pines, for sure. You know, the little area by Marycrest with trees and the fountain.

SB: Oh, that sounds nice. I need to add that to the bucket list.

KB: I like anywhere where I can see the blue dome of the chapel.

OW: Wait, mine is Tim’s.


FN: Do you have some good memories there?

KB: Yeah, or lack thereof.


FN: What advice do you have for underclassmen?

SB: Make the most of your time here.

CM: Seriously. It goes by so fast.

KB: Get involved, too!

SH: This is really important: Stop wearing crop tops to class. Please.


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