Porch Profile: The women of 227 Kiefaber

From left, seniors Claire Graupmann, Kayla Tillia, Kayleigh Fladung, Chelsea Carpenito and Lindsay Mudd.
(Vincent Huang/Staff photographer)

By: Kayla Mueller – Staff Writer

Flyer News: What do you guys like to do together?
Lindsay Mudd: “Lifetime Movie” Saturdays.
Kayla Tillia: “Law and Order: SVU” Sundays.
Kayleigh Fladung: Dinner at Pepito’s.
LM: We sing a lot.
KT: Some more than others.

FN: Do you guys have any favorite Youtube videos?
All: Harvard rowing team.
Chelsea Carpenito: Ry Doon vines… “my fingers…”

FN: If you could use one word to describe 227, what would it be?
Claire Graupman: Jank.
All: What?
KF: She means “janky.”
KT: Can we say “fun”?
All: No…how about “wine?”
CC: Boisterous.
All: No. That’s a weird word to use.

FN: Where is one place you have all visited?
All: Daytona.
KF: No, I couldn’t go…
All: We tried Gatlinburg and it failed miserably.
KT: We can only organize restaurant trips.

FN: What is the theme song for 227?
KF: “Jane Fonda.” Wait, actually “Dimelo.” It’s an Enrique Iglesias song.
KT: That’s just yours. I want to say “Gas Pedal,” but that sounds terrible.
CG: “Love on Top” by Beyonce?
KT: Sammy Adams Pandora. I put that on last night and people were like…“no.”

FN: What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you?
LM: Living in this house.
KT: Lindsay putting on pimp coats.
KT: Claire cries when she sees pandas.
KF: We thought that we had a rabbit living in our house and told everyone but what we had found weren’t from a rabbit they were just pebbles…
KT: We were pranked with paper shreds all over the house when it was unlocked once.
LM: Yesterday our heat was broken but when maintenance came they said someone just took the batteries out of our thermostat.

FN: What is your favorite part about UD?
CC: Porches…not the website but the actual porches.
LM: Pool days in the Ghetto.
KF: The Ghetto in general.
CG: The Monchon.
KT: Timothy’s Bar and Grille.

FN: If you were a Disney character who would you be?
LM: Mulan.
KT: I want to be Mulan too…
LM: No…you hate on my song every time I play it.
CG: Pocahontas…I think she is my grandma.
KF: Kayla would be Xenon.
KT: I used to love her outfits.
LM: She wore platinum bodysuits.
KT: And she looked great.
CC: I would be Dory from “Finding Nemo.”
LM: I think that would be offensive…but OK.
KF: I don’t know what I would be.
CC: Be Timon!
KF: Why would I want to be Timon? Rafiki’s better than Timon.

FN: What food do you make the most?
KF: Black beans and grits….not together…OK, sometimes together.
KT: Cheese.
LM: Cabbage.
CG: Apple cores.
CC: Frank’s hot sauce.
KF: That’s not a food.
All: Taco Bell.

FN: Why is your house different?
KF: We have a one-eyed Santa Claus. We found him sophomore year under a car in the Darkside.
LM: …and now we realize he’s been stolen.

KF: His tag says, “to Grandma from Grandpa.” Please let him come back home.

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