Porch Profile: The Women of 112 Evanston

_MG_3218wSeniors Emily Bellert, Rachel Regano, Meredith Whelchel, Jennifer Fiore and Madeline Herbert love each other and BillÕs Donuts.. Chris Santucci/Staff Photographer


FN: What makes your house different from any other house?
Jennifer Fiore: We are more than averagely open with each other.
Emily Bellert: There are no boundaries. Or personal space.
Meredith Whelchel: We’re the clusterfluffs.
JF: We like to highlight each other’s weaknesses.
Rachel Regano: In a very constructive way!
Madeline Herbert: There’s a lot of guy humor in the house.

FN: What would be the theme song of 112 Evanston?
MH: “Turn Down For What.”
JF: Probably the Mariah Carey song “We Belong Together.”
All: Aww…

FN: Describe your house in one word?
All: Clusterfluff.

FN: If you had to give each roommate a superlative, what would it be?
RR: Jennifer would be most likely to break something in a store.
JF: Maddie would be most likely to forget about a test.
EB: No, she’d be most likely to lick a hammer.
JF: Or most likely to live in a box, because she will have maxed out all her credit cards at Urban Outfitters.
MH: Rachel would be most likely to date someone by accident.
RR: I’d be most likely to lack common sense.
JF: Meredith would be most likely to find a pot of gold.
RR: Emily would be most likely to fall in a bush and rally.
JF: She’s most likely to end up in the worst case scenario.

FN: If you could have any job at UD, what would you want to be?
EB: The grilled cheese lady.
MW: I would like to be Randy Groesbeck.
MH: I would like to be Meredith Whelchel because she rocks the newspaper every week.
JF: I would like to work at the front desk at the RecPlex just like Ben Tercek.
RR: I’d be a KU lunch lady. They are all so friendly!
MH: I want to be an unemployed person on campus.

FN: Do you have any house traditions?
MH: We have this thing called “Secret Panda.” It’s like secret Santa but we call it “panda” because we embrace diversity.
JF: Movie marathons.
MW: Elsa’s.
EB: Trivia night at the Fieldhouse.
MW: And we always win!
EB: We only missed once this year.
MW: Bill’s Donuts.
EB: Mac and cheese is a strong tradition in this house.
MH: Starting riots.
RR: We get into strange hobbies together for short periods of time. Like painting, plants, Bill’s Donuts…right now it’s Disney.
MH: Going to other roommate’s classes with them that we don’t actually belong in.

FN: What foods are always stocked up in your kitchen?
All: Mac and cheese.
MH: Ice cream.
MW: Cheese.
JF: A lot of frozen veggies.
MH: Bill’s Donuts.

FN: If you came back for your 10-year reunion, what would each of you be doing?
MH: Crying.
EB: I want to hire a model to come back as me.
MW: I’m going to come back with my herd of miniature schnauzers.
JF: I will come back with my beautiful family of cats and dogs and my boyfriend on a leash.
RR: I’m going to come back with 12 kids.
JF: Maybe even 12 husbands.
RR: Go polygamy!
JF: Maddie would come back with a lot of shopping bags.
MW: And she’s going to be late.
JF: Meredith will be running her own empire by then.

FN: Do you have any advice for fellow Flyers?
EB: Don’t take yourself too seriously.
MW: We never did.
EB: Make fun of people. This is how you make friends.
MH: Don’t be afraid to switch your major senior year.
JF: Always cherish the wonderful friendships you make.
MW: Always get Bill’s Donuts.
JF: Never close the bathroom door. Get comfortable with people really fast.
EB: Movies are always the answer.
JF: There are no limits to how much money you can spend at Second Time Around.
MH: And Bill’s Donut’s.

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