Porch Profile: The Men of 420 Kiefaber


By: Katie Christoff – A&E Editor

FN: What makes your house different from any other house?

Matt Hurtubise: Anyone’s welcome.

Henry Hessel: Our door is always open… literally.

Matt VanDyke: We all lived on the same floor in Marycrest freshman year.

Joseph Riazzi: We actually know the history of this house too… a servant used to live in my room.

MH: This is one of the oldest houses in the Ghetto.

Will Shaw: Mike Posner signed our bar!

HH: And this is probably the house with the most beer signs in the Ghetto.

FN: What would be the theme song of your house?

Erik Stanbery: “Circle of Life.”

HH: We listen to it every morning.

FN: Describe your house in one word.

MV: Brown.

WS: No, she didn’t mean physically…

ES: Savage.

FN: If you had to give each of the roommates a superlative, what would they be?

WS: Joseph would be most injured.

ES: Henry is most likely to be found in a bingo hall… he really likes hanging out with old people.

WS: Henry would also be most likely to have a healthy 401k.

HH: Erik is most likely to die of a heart attack at 35…. He eats a lot of fast food.

MV: I’m most likely to try the next OJ Simpson case.

JH: Matt is most helpless.

HH: Most likely to seduce your mother.

JR: Hurtubise is most likely to marry his computer, like a sequel to “Her.”

FN: If you could have any job at UD, what would you want to be?

Kevin Colburn: I want to be part of the riot police team

JR: I want to be Archie Miller.


WS: I want to run the Deli.

HH: I’d run the Golden Flyers program.

ES: I’d be a landlord in the Ghetto… they make serious bank.

FN: Do you have any house traditions?

ES: We go to Kramer’s every Friday at 5 p.m.

WS: Tim’s. It’s kind of a tradition.

HH: We do Sunday night poker.

FN: If you came back for your 10 year reunion, what would each of you be doing?

WS: I want to be the dad that holds his baby up while “Circle of Life” is playing at a daydrink.

ES: That actually happened here this summer, during Alumni Weekend.

HH: Married to Matt Hurtubise’s sister living right next door to Matt.

ES: I’ll be living in the basement of 420 Kiefaber.

MV: Henry will own (and live in) a retirement home.

JR: I’ll be the corrupt senator of North Carolina. Or Sir Purr (the Carolina Panthers mascot). Things just go my way.

FN: Do you have any advice for fellow Flyers?

HH: Look good, feel good, play good.

JR: Don’t run on top of cars.

HH: When Will’s drunk, hide your kids and hide your wives.

MV: Soak up every second of college and don’t take UD for granted.

HH: Nothing great is ever done in this life without enthusiasm.

JR: This is for younger flyers: Don’t steal signs from Ghetto houses, and appreciate Milwaukee’s Best Light.

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