Porch Profile: The men of 302 Kiefaber

20140216-YXH-9288-FNwFriends Dan Prince, Josh Chamberlain, Bryan Bryk, and Brennan Paulin stand on their porch at 302 Kiefaber St.

By: Ayse Altunisik – Staff Writer

FN: How did you guys meet?
Dan Prince: I was in a band in high school and Josh was our only fan.
Josh Chamberlain: He paid me to hang up flyers and put them under people’s windshields.
Brennan Paulin: Bryan and I met freshman year doing the spring musical “Urinetown,” and we met Josh and Dan through Studio Theatre.

FN: What’s your number one house rule?
JC: We have a house motto – “Earn your pancakes.”
Bryan Bryk: You get pancakes when you achieve your goal for the week, and we celebrate on Sunday mornings.
All: But you have to earn your pancakes.

FN: What’s your favorite food for all of you guys to eat together?
DP: Fried Rice.
JC: Or pancakes.
All: Yes, pancakes.

FN: What does a typical weekend night look like here?
BP: Sometimes we’ll throw a party here. Sometimes we’ll watch a movie together.
JC: We’ll either have a party or we’ll go to someone else’s house.
BB: Yeah, we’re one of three studio theatre houses so we like to have people over.

FN: If 302 was a movie, what would the title be?
BP: “Hipster: The Musical – The Movie.”

FN: What actors would play each of you?
BB: I’ll go with Daniel Radcliffe. We’re both the same height.
JC: How do you know that?
DP: Can mine be Beck? Can he be an actor?

FN: Does 302 have a song?
JC: We had a talent show at the ArtStreet Christmas party and we played this really bad song some of my high school friends and I wrote called “Pick Me Up Baby.” It’s just a bunch of cheesy pick up lines strung together with three chords.
BB: I’m tempted to say “Closing Time.” When we host parties, it seems like we’re always trying to get people out of our house. That or the theme from “The West Wing.”

FN: What is your spirit animal?
JC: Dan’s spirit animal is probably a vegetable.
DP: I’d say broccoli.
BB: Or an astronaut. Mine is probably a Charizard.
JC: I’ve always been told I’m a platypus.

FN: What’s the best house decoration 302 Kiefaber has had this year?
All: Mr. Snuffleupagus.
BB: He’s a character from “Sesame Street.”
BP: It’s been in the costume shop of the theatre building for awhile. Well, I remember seeing it in the freshman show at the beginning of the year. They were going to get rid of it, but I thought it’d be really fun to have it in the apartment.

FN: Describe 302 Kiefaber in one word.
JC: Disestablishmentarianism. I don’t know what it means.
BB: Musical. We’re all singing and playing something at some point. We always have music playing.
JC: Yeah, you should hear Bryan’s impression of Kurt Cobain. It’s really good.

FN: Any advice for Fellow Flyers?
DP: Live at ArtStreet.
BB: Be the very best, like no one ever was.

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