Porch Profile: The Ladies of 1638 Caldwell

Rose Rucoba
Staff Writer


FN: How did you all meet?

Grace Hagan: Rowing.

Danielle Foust: We all joined rowing our first year.

GH: Sophomore year I roomed with Dan and Kayla. Roz was too cool, so we didn’t ask her to room with us. We weren’t as close as we are now. So we finally got the guts last year, junior year, to ask her and we roomed with her.

Kayla Contardi: Except Dan. Dan backed out and left us, but we got her back this year.

FN: If you could give everyone in your house a superlative, what would it be?

GH: Dan is not looking forward to this one.

KC: Roz…something about being a good chef.

Rosie Perez (Roz): Chef Roz!

GH: Roz, you are Most Likely to Be Watching Food Network and Be On Food Network.

RP: I just watch Food Network while I’m eating food.

DF: Grace is Most Likely to Write a 100 Page Paper in one night AND Still Get a Perfect Grade. And Kayla is…didn’t we say she’s Most Likely to Run a Marathon Without Training?

GH: Most Likely to Run a Marathon on a Whim.

RP: I feel like I need a better one.

GH: Dan is Most Likely to Have Selective Hearing.

RP: Dan is all about the eye contact when you talk to her.

DF: I’ll be over here in the kitchen and I’m not facing them, so how am I supposed to know they’re talking? Then they will start talking and I’ll turn around and be like, “Are you talking to me?” and they’re like, “Oh my God!”

RP: Grace is Most Likely to Not Dress for the Weather. She will wear sandals in 20-degree weather!

GH: That was one time! And I didn’t know it was going to snow that day.

KC: It was mid-February.

RP: Also Kayla is Most Likely to Never Stop Smiling or Giggling.

GH: Yes.

RP: And she always laughs at my jokes.

KC: If I don’t laugh at your jokes then you know they’re bad.

FN: What is everyone’s spirit animal and why?

GH: Whatever animal is most like a ninja would be Dan.

KC: I like giraffes.

RP: I’m Appa from Avatar, a flying bison.

GH: I’d be a bumblebee and Kayla would be a giraffe. Dan would be a ninja…like a bat.

DF: Gross! A bat?

FN: What is on everyone’s bucket list?

GH: I mean we could probably go to Ben & Jerry’s a few more times.

RP: I haven’t run through the fountain yet.

GH: Me neither. Everything on my bucket list just involves eating.

KC: I think we should get a Monster Cookie.

RP: They make me sick, though.

GH: Kayla finished one. Kayla’s a champion.

KC: Have you been in every building?

DF: I’ve been in EVERY building.

RP: We’ve done a lot.

GH: Study abroad.

FN: What is your most embarrassing moment at UD?

GH: I feel like we’re pretty put-together.

DF: Nothing bad ever happens to us.

GH: We used to go to class after we were done weight lifting and we’d be like sweaty and nasty.

RP: And we made it a point to wear body spray.

GH: Dan is the queen of body spray!

RP: I’d make it a point to wear some kind of athletic outfit so I can show people like “this is why I smell”.

GH: But the people in that class would never see you in like normal-people clothes.

RP: For rowing, we’ve all had our wipeouts.

DF: Kayla! It was terrible. You hear a “thud” and she’s all out on the ground.

KC: I tried to catch myself, but I couldn’t.

DF: No one was around her, there was nothing for her to fall on, she was just on the ground.

KC: Everyone saw!

DF: And it wasn’t like you could just pop up. You were all twisted on the ground.

GH: Remember when we walked to Graeter’s because we thought it was in walking distance?

RP: This was before I really knew them. That contributed to me not rooming with them.

DF: Wow! That’s a bold statement!

GH: Here’s the thing, we had just gotten back from Friday afternoon practice and we thought “Let’s walk to DQ” but DQ was closed so I said, “I’m pretty sure Graeter’s is just over the hill.” It’s called Far Hills Avenue for a reason.

DF: And we ended up having to call one of the upperclassmen to come pick us up. She asked us “Wait, who dropped you guys off here?” and we were like, “We walked.”

FN: What advice do you have for underclassmen?

GH: Get off campus. Check out the Oregon District. I feel like everyone tries to cram that all in senior year.

DF: Join the rowing team.

GH: Just enjoy it. Don’t freak out. It will all get done.

DF: Let it happen. I don’t think any of us would have pictured ourselves where we are at now when we were freshmen.

RP: Go with the flow. Ride the wave that is the University of Dayton.

GH: Says the Cali girl.

RP: Study hard…unless that’s not your thing. Study enough. Stay busy.

GH: There are so many things to do. And whenever there is sun out, go outside.

KC: Rent the tandem bikes from the Rec.

GH: Join Flyer News.

Photo courtesy of Christian Cubacub – Multimedia Editor

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