Photo Profile: Rev. Dr. Donna Cox, Ebony Heritage Singers Choral Director


Melody Conrad 
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Rev. Dr. Donna Cox has a faith that shouts from the rooftops and a divine connection that shows through her art and love for others. She’s a realist and an artist, a dreamer and a believer. Working in full-time ministry, she uses every opportunity – teaching, art, and hospitality – to show the heart of God. Described by her husband as driven and focused, Dr. Cox is a vibrant, diverse member of the campus community, and those around her notice her presence.

For two nonconsecutive days, I spent time with Cox in the choir room, at church and her home. From handing out coffee to the elderly woman at church to running off to buy groceries for the middle school basketball team that would be coming over for dinner, Cox exemplified a spirit of giving. She uses her gifts and shares them – sometimes quietly, sometimes boldly. 

Rev. Dr. Donna Cox, Ebony Heritage Singers choral director, brings her all every rehearsal. She emphasizes two golden rules in the classroom: “Thou shalt not sing legato” and “the queen is always right.”
Cox was diagnosed with a vocal disorder in 2014 and can only whisper. Since then, she continues to worship, sing at church and speak at conferences around the world.
“Geez, where’d she learn how to do that?” – Gerald Cox, husband, on his wife’s self-taught artistic skills.
Diversity and multicultural understanding are core values for Cox, and Black Messiah, displayed at Vineyard Church, depicts an African American Christ that Cox painted.
Cox displays her artwork around the home, using wall space strategically to add vibrant color and enhance the interior design. She occasionally hosts women’s retreats in her home as an extension of hospitality.
Cox uses a portable labyrinth to meditate and pray. She pulled my hand over and guided my finger along the path, sharing that the center is a place to stop and breathe before continuing the journey back.
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