Old Scratch Pizza: From Auto Supplies To Casual Dining

Allison Brace
Health & Fitness Columnist

The city of Dayton has many hidden gems, from vast metro parks to trendy downtown eateries and everything in between. This past week I decided to take a short break from my flexible meal plan to try a new restaurant.

Trying out new restaurants is one of the simplest and most fun things to do in my opinion. From breakfast to a late night snack and every meal in between, if the restaurant is trendy, count me in. Since I am relatively new to the Dayton area, I had to do some research. I found so many interesting places that it was hard to narrow it to just one for this article but now I have a bucket list of places to try.

Through my Google searching, I stumbled upon Old Scratch Pizza–a modern place only about two miles from campus. Old Scratch is located inside an old auto part store.

Fully renovated, the space is huge and can accommodate a couple hundred hungry pizza lovers.

They rent special event space so I think it would be a cool place to hold a birthday bash or even a fundraising event for any number of clubs.

Old Scratch is the epitome of trendy. It is in a building that gives off a studio loft vibe. There are many windows so the lighting is on point pretty much anywhere you sit.

If you want, you can watch your pizza being made because of the open concept kitchen design.

Old Scratch is an awesome place for people of any age because of the quick serve style as well as the modern look. I know that when I go to dinner with friends I am always looking for a cute picture spot and Old Scratch definitely has a few!  

You place your order at the front counter, then find a seat and they’ll do the rest. They have a vast menu for a pizza shop including a wide variety of delicious salads. The salads also come with the size option, half or whole.

The wood fired pizzas are one size, 12 inch, but if you are not feeling overly hungry they make a nice sharable.

Both of my friends decided to try the pizzas. To be different and because I wasn’t overly hungry, I tried the Applewood-Bacon Ranch salad. I was very impressed because salads are always hit or miss.

One of my friends got a basic pepperoni pizza and the other got a white pizza. I had a taste of each and thought they were both awesome.

I really liked the salad that I got but next time I go I’ll definitely get a pizza. The crust was perfectly cooked, not too gooey and not burnt, and I’m a sucker for a pizza with a fluffy crust.  My salad also came with a flavorful pita bread on the side which was a nice addition.

Overall, Old Scratch had such a fun and trendy atmosphere that I would absolutely go back. With reasonable prices, close proximity to campus, and tasty food it can’t get much better than this.

Photos courtesy of Allison Brace. 

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