Not Forgetting The Hills: The Hills Reunion Review

By: Missy Finnegan – Copy Editor

On August 2, The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now, anniversary special aired on MTV, starring the ever so lovely Lauren Conrad. Viewers learned that The Hills, which ran from 2006 to 2010, was somewhat staged and not always an accurate depiction of Conrad’s life. No one is really surprised though, right?

The Hills was always a popular show throughout my middle school days and into high school because it was exactly how my friends and I thought our lives should evolve. Who wouldn’t want to intern at Teen Vogue, or even get to say “intern,” in serious context?The beautiful blondes frolicking around Los Angeles, falling in and out of love with model boys, living in fabulous apartments with balconies that overlooked pools, and dramatically shedding tears over REAL adult problems (“I want to forgive you and I want to forget you”).

As they showed scenes from  past episodes, Conrad and the producers would honestly comment on what was set up or what was real. Conrad mentioned that she often felt falsely set up, but she had put a lot of effort into the show. The most “shocking,” was when Conrad said her and Brody Jenner were made to seem like more of a couple than they really were and that it was only a small crush with little chemistry (wish I could say the same).

Although a decent amount of the four-year series was premeditated and partially acted out, Conrad said it actually was a difficult decision to leave the show. She said, “my heart wasn’t in it, and I wasn’t living the life that made me happy.”

Aside from the flashback to The Hills, the anniversary special introduced Conrad’s husband, William Tell, who does in fact look like one of the models I grew up desperate to be in love with. He said he prefers not to watch his wife in her old element, but they seemed compatible and happy in front of cameras.

She also gave insight about her new clothing line at Kohl’s, which is centered on wearing “cute clothes” that are fashionable, affordable and accessible. They showed her in a meeting, discussing color options and picking what would best accompany other pieces in the line, being as cute, yet as in command, as ever.

She said no matter when The Hills airs as reruns, the new audience viewing it can relate to the situations and problems because they are essentially timeless. You make friends, lose them, have trouble with work and your personal life, yet it is necessary to figure out whoever you are. Thanks L.C.!

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