New York Polyphony next ArtsLive concert

By: Madeline Doman – Staff Writer

ArtsLive’s next program is one that will explore faith through music. Well-known and praised music assembly New York Polyphony will take the stage at Holy Angels Church as part of this year’s ArtsLive program.

“Many people go to UD because they have a degree of connection to their faith. The ArtsLive program is both grounded in faith and reflects the intellectual challenges that college represents,” Eileen Carr, director of the Arts Series at UD said.

“It’s not consistent. A variety of experiences is important in exploring music,” Carr said. For nine years, Eileen Carr has served as the director of the Arts Series at UD and has fit each distinct program into different venues to create more than one art theatre.  “When you hear music live in a beautiful space, the sound is so memorizing and uplifting that it is hard to resist,” Carr said.

On Thursdsay, Holy Angels Church will be filled with music produced by the New York Polyphony.

The New York Polyphony consists of four men that are regarded as one of the best vocal chamber ensembles in the world. They are performing at UD for the very first time.

One of the many excellent musical pieces they will play is titled “Missa Charles Darwin.” It is a piece that combines the music of the traditional Catholic mass with the profound writings of Charles Darwin. New York Polyphony will be using the conventions of the Roman Catholic mass to respect and acknowledge the well-known evolutionist.

“Music provides a refreshing new light and a new view that makes you feel like a new person,” Carr said.  It’s a way for students to step out of the box and expose themselves to new types of music. New York Polyphony creates harmonies that are outside of traditional expectations or listening customs.

“The goal of ArtsLive is to introduce people to the greatness of new musical experience,” Carr said.

New York Polyphony will be singing faith-themed choral pieces and early renaissance music. Carr explains that they will be combining faith and reason, “not thinking of faith and reason as either one thing or the other, but as two elements that can come together.”

On Thursday, ArtsLive will  present New York Polyphony playing at Holy Angels Church at 8 p.m. Prior to the event, at 7 p.m. in the church, one of the members of the group will be discussing the different musical pieces they will be singing.

“Anyone who attends this event will have a blissful night of music and rediscover what the human voice is capable of doing,” Carr said.

Tickets are on sale for $8 per student but when you use the code “UD faith,” you receive half off the original price. Tickets are available at the box office by calling 937-229-2545 or online at  For more information contact Eileen Carr at 937-229-2787 or

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