Mike Posner plays impromptu concert on ArtStreet

Mary Kate Dorr – A&E Editor

So Mike Posner made a surprise appearance on campus tonight.

Yes, you read that correctly and don’t even pretend like you don’t know all the lyrics to
“Cooler Than Me.” This evening, University of Dayton students gathered in ArtStreet Amphitheatre in hopes that the rumor of Posner’s impromptu campus concert might be true after a tweet was sent out earlier this evening.

At 6:13 p.m., Posner tweeted, “Dayton, I’m back! Surprise ninja show at Art Street Amphitheater on Lowe at 7:15 TONIGHT!!! Free, all ages, acoustic.” Surely enough, Posner appeared in a RV, eager to entertain with friend and fellow artist, Adam Friedman.

I spoke with Friedman in between sets to get the scoop on how Posner made the decision to play a private, free concert for a gaggle of college students. And here it is.

Posner and his crew were driving today, as they had to be back to Dallas to return their RV. Earlier this afternoon, Posner mentioned the possibility of playing at UD but didn’t say much else on the subject, and no one thought much of it. Later on, Posner decided he couldn’t resist.

“So we were all like, ‘Alright sick, let’s make a cool video and maybe some people will show up!’” Friedman said. If by some people, Friedman meant all of campus and their mother, then yes, some people did show up.

Although Posner has played pop-up shows in the past, Friedman explained that tweets are usually sent at least a day before and never earlier than 12 hours prior to the concert, much less 62 minutes.

“We rolled into the neighborhood and saw people walking, so we hoped they would come by. Then, we got here and man, it was just a s–t-ton of people and this is what happened…Spectacular,” Friedman said.

Spectacular, indeed. As incredible of an artist as Posner is, it was his passion, enthusiasm and overall love for music and the UD community that made tonight more than just a performance.

Posner eagerly welcomed student performers Brenan and Kevin Corcoran, who together form the band the Corcoran Brothers, and Max Boyle to the stage. Posner even politely declined a photo op with students near stage out of respect for the student performers, before running on-stage to dance enthusiastically to their music.

“Thank you, Mike, for letting us play tonight. That was just…awesome,” Brenan Corcoran said shortly after his performance.

The students were invited back up to the stage to join Posner in one of his final songs, “Please Don’t Go.” Ironically enough, this is what all students were saying as Posner was closing his set tonight because he proved himself to be not only the coolest artist to ever exist but also a true Dayton Flyer.

Before finishing his performance, Posner took a brief moment to express his gratitude to the UD community: “Thank you guys so much. To come back to this place and actually…like…have more support than I did before is…I don’t know. Thank you so much.”

When asking Posner about the overall experience of preforming at UD this evening, he summed it up concisely, but fully: “I’m filled all the way up with gratitude.”

We’re filled all the way up with gratitude for an unexpected night dedicated to music and community (having a legitimate reason to avoid homework wasn’t too bad either). Mike Posner, I can promise you that I am not alone in welcoming you with open arms to the Flyer Family.

See you in Daytona?

Photo of crowd gathering for Mike Posner at ArtStreet Ampitheatre by Advertising Manager Aline Leclair

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