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Flyer News shares the stories of current UD couples and alumni who have tied the knot. Photo courtesy of

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Did you ever think that one of your classmates would end up as your soulmate? According to a study conducted by Facebook, 28% of college students end up marrying their college boyfriend or girlfriend. But, how many UD sweethearts end up getting married? 

University of Dayton reports that 8,715 UD alumni are married to each other, a number that keeps growing each day. This Valentine’s Day, Flyer News reached out to current UD couples and alumni who ended up marrying their UD sweethearts to hear their Flyer love stories.

Tori (left) and Colin. Photo provided.

Tori Miller & Colin Bacon ‘23

Surprise! The writer of this article has a longstanding UD relationship! 

Colin and I met in the Founders Hall laundry room when they were both freshmen. Currently both juniors on campus, the two of us have known each other since the beginning of college. 

“We became best friends the first week we met,” Miller said.

“There was one night, one of my greatest memories, where Colin and I hung out in my dorm room just talking about life until 4 a.m. In that moment, I knew he was a lifelong friend,”

Ironically, I was trying to do my homework while Colin was playing music by Pierce the Veil loudly in the common area. A mutual friend between us both introduced us to one another.

“If I had known that band would’ve gotten me a girl’s attention, I would have played them out loud sooner,” Bacon said.

We’ve been together for almost a year and a half, waiting until sophomore year to date in order to “not ruin our friendship.” On campus, we like to go for walks and visit the various coffee places for reading dates. I specifically love Serenity Pines since that is where Colin first asked me to be his girlfriend. We have agreed that UD will always hold a special place in our hearts, because it was the first time we both found someone we could see a future with. 

Steve (left) and Ursula. Photo provided.

Steve & Ursula Post ‘74 

After meeting as seniors at Stebbing High School, Steve and Ursula have the city of Dayton to thank for the beginning of their relationship. Steve and Ursula both decided to attend UD and went into their first years at university as a couple. They two were engaged and wed throughout their time on UD’s campus.

The two started dating in 1969 and got married in 1973. They’ve been together for a total of 53 years!

During their time on campus, the couple loved to go bowling in KU and actually were a part of a mixed bowling team for a few years. Not only were they involved on campus during their time as students, but they also are leaving an impact as alumni.

“Several years ago we were asked to serve on the Advisory Board for the College of Arts and Sciences. Steve is art and I am science. [We were the] first couple to serve on that board,” Ursula said. 

Steve and Ursula have a life long relationship not only with each other but also with UD. The two enjoy coming back to reunions since they know the same people from over the years. Also, the two have had a grandchild on campus since last year- our Opinions editor Ren Sikes!

Katie (left) and Spencer. Photo provided.

Spencer Powlette ’20 & Katie Mccaslin ’22

Spencer Powlette ’20, current student at University of Kentucky College of Dentistry, and Katie Mccaslin ’22, University of Dayton senior, met on their shared Irving front porch during move-in week in the fall of 2019.

“I had lived there the year before and boy was I excited to find out that we had new neighbors, especially one particularly pretty girl,” Powlette said.

“When we met I was about to start my senior year and Katie her sophomore year. I graduated virtually in the spring of 2020—thanks covid—and Katie is about to graduate this May,” he added.

Katie has been accepted to several medical schools and is deciding where she would like to attend. 

“I am so proud of her for this huge accomplishment,” Powlette said.

In March, Powlette and Mccaslin will have been together for two and half years.

Powlette said, “Our favorite thing to do on campus while we weren’t studying in Roesch was to play racquetball in the RecPlex. I always lost (and still do). I am so grateful to UD for connecting us and giving us that incredible front porch where we spent so many nights watching the sunset.”

Powlette said, “My favorite moment of being a UD couple so far was meeting another UD couple that had graduated many decades ago at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. It was a real reminder of what it means to be a lifelong Flyer.”

Cameron (left) and Mary Kate. Photo provided.

Cameron & Mary Kate Lenard ‘17

Cameron and Mary Kate Lenard, former Flyer News Arts and Entertainment Editor, met between their sophomore and junior year of college.

“My roommate was living on campus for summer and Cam was living with a lot of our mutual friends, but we hadn’t met yet,” Mary Kate said.

 “We went over to their house to hang out and go to a party and he and I ended up talking,” she added.

The two met at the Honors House on Stonemill Street. Ironically, the two were not honors students, but were around UD for a summertime party. Their first date was at Smash Burger and they officially started dating heading into their junior year. 

Cameron and Mary Kate have been Dayton alumni since they graduated in May of 2017. They’ve been together for six and a half years and married in October 2020.

Cameron was a tour guide so the two always enjoyed walking around campus together. Some of their favorite foods on campus included UD’s famous options such as Marycrest monster cookies, VWK’s Mongolian Grill and breakfast sandwiches at Art Street Cafe. They love visiting their old campus houses and going to their favorite UD bars, Milano’s and Tim’s.

UD has influenced Cameron and Mary Kate’s life in so many ways, especially with the lifelong friendships and memories. 

“We feel so lucky to have so many close UD friends still 5 years post-grad and get to share that together. We both are only children and UD brought us both together and gave us friends who truly are family. Plus having the same favorite place on earth and so many shared memories is so fun in our relationship,” Mary Kate said. 

Sean (left) and Beth. Photo provided.

Sean Perez & Beth Herdmann ‘18

Sean Perez, UD law ‘18 and Beth Herdmann, UD law ‘18 met on the first day of 1L year in law school orientation and were in the same dean’s fellow group.

“We became fast friends and started dating after Barrister’s Ball 1L year,” Herdmann said.

Their favorite thing to do on campus was grabbing lunch on Brown between classes. They would also explore the undergrad campus together since Herdmann attended UD graduating in 2009 and knew her way around. 

“We have been together since 2016 and are getting married in 3 weeks,” Herdmann added.

Perez and Herdmann now live in Philadelphia where Perez works as a District Attorney and Herdmann as a Public Defender.

“Sean’s family is from Dayton and my second family is my UD family. Everytime we come back we try to visit campus. We will have many fellow flyers at the wedding,” Herdmann said.

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