Looking for fun off Campus? UD students are offered discounts everywhere

The Neon Theatre in the Oregon District. Photo by Osciak

Luke Osciak | Arts & Entertainment Editor

Being a student at the University of Dayton is an unforgettable experience. With so many activities, clubs and opportunities offered by the university there seems to always be an activity that can keep anyone entertained. 

However, for those looking for an activity that lets them get away from the campus, they may not know where to look. As a Dayton student, there are many places in Montgomery County that will give you a discount just for being a student. From being able to spend the day out in nature to clubbing at night, Dayton, Ohio is full of fun activities. 

The Oregon District is one of the most entertaining areas in Dayton. It’s home to many interesting places and fun activities. 

Off the corner of East Fifth Street, right before entering the Oregon District, sits The Neon Theatre. The Neon is an independently-run movie theatre. The films it shows range from new films from admired directors, re-screenings of popular older movies and foreign films. University of Dayton students will receive discounted tickets at $5 if they show their student ID at the ticket booth.

Every couple of weeks, The Neon will have a special event such as a screening of an older movie or an under-the-radar new release. This week, The Neon is doing a special promotion for the film Lost Highway by David Lynch. This is the first time the movie is being presented in 4K. If you want to see a movie that is different from everything coming out, going to The Neon is a great experience.

Omega Music in the Oregon District. Photo by Osciak.

Further into the Oregon District is Omega Music. Inside Omega Music, one will find way more than just music. Omega Music has rows of used and new vinyl records, CDs and cassette tapes. Not only do they sell vintage and older music, but they carry new releases. Even if you are not into music super heavily, the store sells a variety of knick-knacks you may find interesting such as a section for musical instruments and an incense shelf that sells many different types of incense. 

If you really want to get away for an afternoon and get lost, the Dayton Art Institute. offers free membership for all of UD’s undergraduate students. The museum is open most days except for Monday and Tuesday, so it makes the perfect weekend trip. Currently, the Institute offers an exhibit on Vincent Van Gogh, The Flower Prints of Katsuhira Tokushi and a Paul Lawrence Dunbar tribute. If you want a more hands-on activity, the Art Institute offers community workshops, book club meetings and performances by independent musicians.

If there is anywhere else you may want to go in the Dayton metro area, then the Flyer will be able to take you there. The Flyer is a bus that takes UD students into the city for free. The bus stops at many locations in the city of Dayton such as the Oregon District, the Schuster Center and the University itself. Maps of the bus routes can be found online and on campus. If you want to experience as much as possible at Dayton, going out into the city is the best way to do so. 

For more places and websites that offer student discounts for Flyers, visit here

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