Local pumpkin goods less basic than Starbucks drink


By: Allison Kurtz – Staff Writer

It’s October, which means everyone has already had about five pumpkin spice lattes. Well, I’m wondering, what did people do to satisfy their pumpkin cravings before Starbucks? They ate actual pumpkins, that’s what. After shamelessly searching the area, I’ve found the best of the best pumpkin treats Dayton has to offer.


All of a sudden someone decided to put pumpkin flavor in coffee and it’s considered the best thing ever. At that same point in time, I think everyone forgot about pumpkin pie. This should be the most popular pumpkin-flavored item. Mashed up pumpkin in a golden brown crust with a dollop of whipped cream; it doesn’t get much better than that… except maybe when you heat it up with a scoop of cinnamon ice cream on the side. When looking for a classic in Dayton, look no further than Ashley’s Pastry Shop, 21 Park Ave., which serves a delicious version of the ultimate fall treat.


Ever since preschool, this has been my favorite autumn treat. Throw a few chocolate chips in there and you might have found my favorite specialty bread. Moist, warm, pumpkin-y; there’s simply nothing better. Pumpkin bread is also extremely versatile: with a basic recipe you could put almost anything inside of it. You can attempt to be healthy and try some raisins or almonds, or be unhealthy and toss some candy corn up in there. No matter what’s inside, it never disappoints. Moore Dessert Please, 1003 Shroyer Road, offers a twist on the classic with a pumpkin cupcake that’s a pumpkin bread equivalent. They even take the candy corn route, decorating the top with a candy corn pumpkin.


Pumpkin ice cream is often hit or miss. When it’s made by a generic brand and found in a Kroger, it’s close to a three out of 10. When bought at an ice cream shop, it reaches a whole new level. Pumpkin ice cream can be paired with any other flavor, especially chocolate or cinnamon, and it’s sure to be delicious. Even pairing it with the other delicacies on this list could make for a delightful, mind-blowing, pumpkin overload. For the best pumpkin ice cream, head over to The Galley in KU or Graeter’s, 2412 Far Hills Ave.


While pumpkin donuts aren’t typically a “classic” pumpkin-flavored item, Bill’s Donuts, 268 N Main St., is the exception. Bill’s has two versions of the pumpkin donut, one that is iced and the other covered with sugar and cinnamon. The two are completely unique in flavor, while remaining consistent at the same time. These donuts are the perfect pumpkin morning snack – and probably still less calories than a morning pumpkin spice latte.


Pumpkin cookies come in many different varieties. You’ve got pumpkin shaped cookies, slice-and-bake sugar cookies with pumpkins in the middle, pumpkin-flavored cookies, pumpkin cookies with cream cheese icing, pumpkin cookies with chocolate chips… the list goes on and on. No matter what kind of pumpkin mood you’re in, there’s a cookie for it. For a fun twist on the pumpkin cookie, check out the The Cakery, 140 Woodman Drive. They have a pumpkin bar that basically tastes like a whole pumpkin pie squeezed into a three-by-three square of deliciousness. Ashley’s Pastry Shop also has pumpkin cookies that made me enjoy cream cheese icing more than I ever have before.

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