Last-minute Halloween costume guide

Freshman Kerry Kadel shares her ideas for group costumes, dynamics duos and solo costumes for this Halloween. Photo of pumpkins on Stonemill Road courtesy of Maddy Bartsche.

Kerry Kadel | Contributing Writer 

Halloween is just around the corner and if you and your group are still looking for costumes, try these fun ideas! 

Group Ideas

Group costumes are a great way to incorporate the whole group while allowing room for individuality. 

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Scooby-Doo Characters 

You and your friends can dress up as the iconic mystery-solving detectives this Halloween. These Halloween outfits are easy to create with your own clothes and you can let your creativity flow by dressing up as any of the characters. Bonus points if Scooby is eating Scooby Snacks! 

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A very creative idea for you and your friends to dress up as this Halloween season is a handful of M&M’s. There are many ways besides the picture above to make your outfits as sweet as the real thing. A quick trip to the craft store for colored shirts and paper–and maybe a tutu to match–will have you and your group looking sweet as can be!

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Inside Out Characters 

A colorful and creative costume for the spooky season for your group to dress up as are the characters from Pixar’s “Inside Out.” This costume will let everyone know what emotion you are, such as a flaming headband for Anger, a green wig for Disgust or big round glasses for Sadness.  If one of your group members really wants to go all out, the character Bing Bong is a very creative choice. The fun begins when deciding which emotion you and your friends will be, perhaps try to match them best between all of you! 

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Hocus Pocus 

A very witchy costume choice for you and your friends can be the Sanderson Sisters from the beloved movie “Hocus Pocus.” You and your friends are sure to have some fun running amuck on Halloween night in these dazzling costumes of Winnie, Mary and Sarah Sanderson–just don’t put a spell on anyone! 

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You and your friends can suit up on Halloween and go catch some ghosts. Though if your group has more people, do not worry. This group outfit can be paired with the hilarious Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and slimy monster Slimer. Make sure you have your ghost traps with you throughout the night! 

Dynamic Duos 

Dynamic duo costumes are a great choice if you and your best friend or you and your significant other are spending Halloween together. 

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Mario and Luigi/Wario and Waluigi

This is a perfect costume for you and your best friend.  All you need for this look is a pair of overalls, a red and green t-shirt and a hat. To save some money you can even try to put this costume together from clothing items found at your local thrift store. And if two more buddies want to join in on the fun, they can be the plumber’s counterparts–Wario and Waluigi!

Cher and Dionne from “Clueless”

‘Ugh! As if!’ If you and your bestie want to take your costumes back to the 90s, then I highly recommend Cher and Dionne from the all-time classic movie “Clueless.” With the iconic plaid jackets and skirts, you’re bringing the 90s back in style for one spooky night!

Alexandria Battaglia as Patrick, courtesy of Bartsche

SpongeBob and Patrick 

Last on the list for dynamic duos is certainly the best of all dynamic duos– SpongeBob and Patrick. Who wouldn’t want to go as these two Bikini Bottom best friends? These costumes are fun and very simple. All you need for SpongeBob is a red tie, white collar shirt, khakis and high socks. Patrick is even simpler than that given all you need is a pink shirt and flower shorts. You and your best bud can even make these costumes cute and creative. Amazon sells shirts with the characters’ faces on it. With these costumes, your Halloween night will be a blast–make sure to have some nets in case you spot some jellyfish! 

Individual costumes

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Another colorful costume idea is a set of crayons. You can choose your favorite color. Amazon sells crayon sweatshirts and t-shirts in a variety of colors if you’re looking for a simple last minute costume. This costume would also be easy to DIY with a solid colored t-shirt and Sharpie to draw on the Crayola label.

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Garden Gnomes 

Here is a costume that’ll get a lot of laughs. With the weather growing colder, dressing up as a garden gnome is the perfect excuse to bring your flannel out early. A trip to the costume shop for a beard and a hat will make this gimmicky costume perfect! 

We hope you have a very spooky and exciting Halloween night!

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