Hot out of the oven: The Cookie Joint new to Brown Street

Photo of cookies from The Cookie Join on Brown Street, courtesy of The Cookie Joint Instagram.

Alayna Yates
Contributing Writer

Opened just three months ago, The Cookie Joint, operating out of Butter Cafe on Brown Street, is bringing freshly baked, yummy goodness to Dayton. 

Isiah Davis, owner and chef at The Cookie Joint, worked multiple jobs as a chef before becoming a baker. Cookies weren’t always the original plan. 

“We were just messing around with ideas. It all started as a joke,” Davis said.

From the beginning, Davis said that he and his team were just trying to have fun with it all. 

“The first thing we did was an actual cookie joint where we took cookie dough and we wrapped it in wonton wrappers and we fried it,” Davis said.

Not finding much of a market for the original recipe, Davis decided to expand his baking skills and play around with some recipes. 

“It all started from just me taking an old recipe that I had from an earlier restaurant and just kind of blending it and it worked out,” Davis said. 

Comparing his newfound baking skills with his previous cooking expertise, Davis said getting into the cookie business was a whole new ball game. 

“With cooking, if your sauce is too runny, you add some thickener to it. If it’s too salty, you add some water to it. It doesn’t work that way with baking,” Davis said. 

“Whatever is done and it goes into that oven, it’s a wrap. There’s no fixing that.” 

Davis admits, “There’s been a lot of trial and error,” but when it comes to the new cookie recipes, Davis said, “they’re all ours.”

Once Davis had a couple recipes in his cookbook, the business plan began to formulate and Davis and his team were able to put a little bit of themselves into the cookies by giving them creative names like the Notorious C.H.I.P., Busta-Nut, and their new fall cookie, W.A.P. (Warm Apple Pie). 

“A part of it is me, a part of it’s me just being free, having fun,” Davis said. “A lot of the names come from either cultural background or hip hop background or somewhere of my past and the parts I liked growing up.”

Obviously, COVID has impacted a lot of businesses, but Davis said that this time it is what pushed him into finally opening up shop. 

“COVID has affected so many people in a negative way, including myself, but it also gave me the means and the mindframe to just go for it,” Davis said. 

“Our business motto when we started everything was just to do curbside pickup anyway. We weren’t looking for dine in. So for me, it was like ‘why not now?’ We’re not going to let something like this stop us from accomplishing goals we set up.”

Constantly playing with their menu and the wide variety of flavors to choose from, Davis said the new fall menu contains some of his favorites, especially the W.A.P. cookie. 

“It’s a lot of fun. There’s always new combinations and we always have new names coming up and new ideas,” Davis said. 

“It’s always like ‘slow down a minute’ because we don’t want to hit ‘em with everything at one time, it’s a lot.”

Additionally, The Cookie Joint team is selling cookie dough at Glo Juice Bar that is both vegan and gluten free.

In terms of getting your hands on a couple of these yummy cookies, head on over to and order for pickup. Made fresh to order, the cookies come straight from the oven, taking about 20 minutes to bake after ordering. Customers receive a text when their cookies are ready.

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