Honors students showcase artwork at annual exhibition


By: Caitlin Schneider – Staff Writer

The 15th Annual Honors Program Art Exhibition took place Friday in Alumni Hall. The ceremony honored 21 pieces submitted by students in the honors program.

The exhibition gives University of Dayton honors students the opportunity to be recognized for their artistic talents. Students were encouraged to submit their artwork for the chance to win scholarships and have their pieces displayed to the public.

“I think it is a unique way to express a part of me that doesn’t always get expressed,” sophomore engineering major Kiernan Campbell, one of this year’s contestants and winners, said.

Honors students of all majors can submit any piece of art they have created. The pieces at the exhibition included art of all mediums.

Judith Huacuja, the chair of the department of art and design, was impressed by the work of the non-art majors.

“It’s amazing to see the raw artistic talent of UD students,” Huacuja said. “The exhibit really speaks to the talent and creativity of our students.”

There were 78 entries total, submitted by 32 honors students. Of those 78, 21 pieces were selected to be a part of the exhibition.

Professor Roger Crum, who assisted in the juror selection this year, said, “I would say that our jurors look for works that are original in conception and compelling in their visual appeal.”

Assistant professor Jeremy Long, from Wright State University’s Department of Art and Art History, was chosen by Crum to judge this year’s work. According to Crum, Long is a talented painter with an impressive history of personal work, exhibitions and teaching. Long narrowed down the entries and chose the winners, including best in show.

“I chose these pieces based on my intuitive response from walking in cold,” says Long. “Certain things stood out among others.”

Long chose junior business major Forrest Broussard for his piece, “Backroom Window,” as best in show.

“[“Backroom Window”] has a certain clarity and ambiguity to it,” said Long. “It has a severe sense of frontality.”

“Backroom Window” is a pencil drawing of the backroom window of Broussard’s house. He was inspired by the way the light struck the window and the peaceful atmosphere that it created. Best in show came as a surprise to him.

“I am in shock,” said Broussard. “There are so many amazing pieces here. I did not expect to win.”

As a business major, Broussard does not often have a chance to express his artistic side, so he said he’s thankful that the exhibition gave him that opportunity. Broussard said he will be creating more art and will definitely submit pieces to next year’s exhibition.

Fifteen students were chosen to have their artwork displayed in Alumni Hall Suite 125, beginning Monday, and will remain there until November 2015.


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