Get to know Sam Woodrich, UD senior and medicinal pharmaceutical chemistry major

Take a photo tour of Sam Woodrich’s life, photos courtesy of Julia Pucci. 

Julia Pucci
Contributing Writer

PHOTO 1: UD senior and medicinal pharmaceutical chemistry major, Sam Woodrich, is pictured here with her collection of 12 household plants. The plants types vary from bamboo to peace lilies to succulents, which are Woodrich’s favorite due to their low maintenance.

PHOTO 2: Woodrich began her collection during quarantine with this plant she purchased in March. She wanted to start a new hobby so she “started getting different types of plants and seeing which ones [she] could keep alive and it was just a fun little challenge,” said Woodrich. She described the experience as a learning curve and now knows which plants not to buy because she is unable to keep them alive.

PHOTO 3: This succulent is Woodrich’s favorite because she found it uprooted on the ground in Florida and nurtured it back to health. It is also her favorite because her grandma has a matching one.

PHOTO 4: Woodrich takes pride in nurturing her plants. Here she shows her propagated plant that she is growing after the larger plant lost one of its leaves.

PHOTO 5: Woodrich’s most unique plant is the peace lily that sits above her pet betta fish, Roger. This combination does have its challenges as it is difficult to make the plant and fish happy at the same time, Woodrich said.

PHOTO 6: Roommate and UD senior, Brenna Reilly (middle), said Woodrich is great at taking care of her plants as long as the plants are not very needy. Caroline Wattles (left), roommate and UD senior, said she enjoys not having to take care of the plants and the “beauty of some aesthetic greenery” in the house.

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