From Walmart to UD: All About Mason Ramsey

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From yodeling “Lovesick Blues” in a Walmart in March of 2018 to performing in Humanities Plaza at the University of Dayton, Mason Ramsey remains as beloved as he ever was. His beginnings are as true as stated: Ramsey became an internet sensation when he was filmed yodeling within a Walmart–seriously. However, Ramsey’s video exploded across the internet, becoming a viral meme. 

His fame escalated him to massive amounts of opportunities. He was invited as a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show back in April of 2018, where he talks about how he’s from Golconda, Illinois, a small town with a population of only 700. Ramsey stated that his favorite singer is Hank Williams Sr., and how the first song he tried to sing was Williams Sr.’s “Long Gone Lonesome Blues”. When asked if he always sings at Walmart, young Ramsey replied, “Yes,” and his reason was, “It’s the only store we’ve got.” Immediately following he said that his dream was to sing at the Grand Ole Opry that resides in Nashville, Tennessee. Furthermore, his dreams were to become a famous country singer, and if that dream had come true, young Ramsey responded, “I’m gonna save up all that money, and I’m gonna go to college, and then I’m gonna to move to Florida, and I’m gonna work my way up to a motorhome.” 

Then, with his cowboy hat, he walked off to the side, picking up his guitar and of course, sang the song that gave him his musical start and internet stardom. After his small performance, Ellen approached him as the crowd cheered, and worked up a sweet reveal that Mason would be performing at the Grand Ole Opry that following Saturday. His reaction was the most heart-warming thing I’ve ever seen on a kid’s face, and for being told he’d be performing on his dream stage, he had some mighty composure, but the excitement was purely obvious. Along with performing at the Grand Ole Opry, the Walmart in Harrisburg, Illinois, wanted to help out young Mason with his plans to attend college, awarding him a scholarship of $15,000. He appeared on Ellen again talking about performing at Coachella, even though he hadn’t heard of it before, and his documented performance at the Grand Ole Opry–all at eleven-years-old. 

Many know of Ramsey’s continued presence in the music industry by being featured on rapper Lil Nas X’s third remix of his hit song “Old Town Road” also featuring Billy Ray Cyrus and Young Thug. Ramsey signed a deal with Atlantic Records and released his song “Famous” on July of 2018, which reached #100 in the UK, #62 on US charts, and #4 in Country. Since his Walmart days, Mason Ramsey has done a fantastic job of continuing to put out singles and albums, much like his newly released singles, “Here All Day,” and “Blue Over You”. 

At seventeen years old now, he is touring around the country on his Falls Into Place 2024 Tour, having the University of Dayton as one of his stops. 

From posts on social media, students at the University of Dayton were enthralled with Ramsey’s performance and presence. Many videos show him singing “Lovesick Blues”, interacting with the crowd of students, and having a blast altogether. 

Mason, we hope your experience at the University of Dayton was as awesome as your presence and talent was for us–and if you want to apply to go here, you’d make one famous Flyer! 

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