Flyers Farmers Market promotes sustainability and fair-trade options

The Flyers Farmers Market in the KU Central Mall sells fresh produce, spices and ice cream every Tuesday through November. Photo of market courtesy of Bartsche.

Maddy Bartsche | Arts & Entertainment Editor

Kicking off on Aug. 24 in the Kennedy Union Central Mall, the Flyers Farmers Market features local vendors, representatives from Campus Recreation and UD Bookstore fair trade products.

The market brings together various groups on campus including the Hanley Sustainability Institute,  the Brook Center, Dining Services, Campus Recreation and the UD bookstore in an effort to support the wellbeing of students and the environment. 

The market aims to benefit not only UD students but the broader Dayton community.

“We wanted these healthy options for students and students to be engaged in campus activities,” said Joan Bauman, executive director of dining services and dietitian. “But also, [we wanted] to invite vendors from our community to campus, so our students could be buying local foods and helping our community members feel part of UD.”

The current vendors at the market (accepting Flyer Express, card or cash) include: 

Senior, Erika Moeller, thought that Big Axe Spice was a hidden gem at the market.

“I got the garlic salt which he said was their best seller and I see why,” Moeller said. “Everything that I usually put salt on I’ve replaced with the garlic salt. It’s great on everything, especially eggs.”

UD previously had a farmers market around a decade ago and wanted to continue to support student health through convenient fresh produce access.

Bauman hopes students will gain a lot from the market. In particular she spoke about future cooking classes.

“For example, we’re going to have students from the Student Dietetic Association who are going to do some cooking demonstrations and prepare foods depending [on] what is seasonally coming from some of the farmers,” Bauman said.

Bauman added, “[We are] hoping to have more engaging activities. There’ll be different student groups with tables, maybe promoting different things.”

Photo courtesy of Bartsche.

One of the current groups present at the market is Campus Recreation. Make sure to stop by their table to pick up a group fitness guide that has information about spinning, power bar, muscle mania, hit and yoga classes at the RecPlex.

“Being a part of the first Flyer Farmers Market was such a blast,” said Senior Katie Taylor, a student representative from campus recreation. “We were promoting our fall programs to students. These include the Path to 30 Program, as well as our outdoor events, intramural sports and fitness classes. Everything we were promoting has the goal of fostering healthy habits and lifelong wellness in students. What better place to do that than an on-campus event that connects us to the community, local business and fresh foods.”

Also present at the market was the UD Bookstore selling their fair trade products.

“Fair trade goods are products that are made in factories where employees receive a fair living wage and the opportunity to work in a safe environment where standards are upheld and facilities are monitored,” Julie Banks, director of retail services, explained.

“We started offering fair trade products officially in 2016, but for more than 20 years we have been committed to fair and ethical sourcing of our goods,” Banks said. “We are affiliated with both the Workers’ Rights Consortium and Fair Labor Association.  All of our licensed products including Nike and Under Armour are produced in fair labor factories. Our buyers have opportunities to tour facilities, observe the raw materials and experience how the products are made and decorated.”

All of the Bookstore’s fair trade items will be available at the market through November and then will be transitioned back onto the sales floor for holiday shopping. 

From fair trade products to locally sourced produce to campus recreations programs, the market aims to promote sustainability, fair and ethical sourcing and support the health of students. Visit the market on Tuesdays from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. through November.

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