Flavorful and affordable Friendsgiving recipes

Freshman Kerry Kadel shares affordable recipes to make for your friendsgiving this year. Photo from All Recipes.com.

Kerry Kadel | Contributing Writer 

Heading home for the holidays to see old friends is always fun, especially if a new friend from college is coming home with you! Here are some fun and affordable recipes for you and your friends to make as you enjoy friendsgiving meals all holiday-season long.

Apple Pie 

If you and your friends are looking to make dinner together, “All Recipes” has an apple pie recipe that only takes an hour and thirty minutes to prep and bake. You can find the list of ingredients and instructions on their website with a video as well here

Pumpkin Pie 

If apple’s not your favorite, don’t worry! “All Recipes” also has a recipe for pumpkin pie as well. The prep and bake time for this pie is only an hour and ten minutes. You can find the instructions and ingredients for a great pumpkin pie here

However, money can be tight around the holidays, and if you and your friends are looking for ways to save on money instead of buying all these ingredients, then Walmart has a boxed Ready to Bake Apple Pie for $5.97, and boxed pumpkin pie $3.98. 

Sweet Potato Casserole 

Some people see Sweet Potato Casserole  as dessert, but that’s what is so great about it. It can either be seen as a desert or a side dish for your Friendsgiving meal. “Spend with Pennies” has a great recipe if you want to bring Sweet Potato Casserole to your dinner table. What makes this dish so fun is that you can add marshmallows and pecans for extra fun and flavor. This recipe only takes 45 minutes to make, with prep time and baking. You can find this delicious recipe here

Mashed Potatoes 

A good homemade recipe to bring to the table for your Friendsgiving meal this year is mashed potatoes. “Delish” has a great mashed potato recipe that only takes 30 minutes. Although, if buying all the ingredients is out of your budget, Meijer has Hungry Jack Mashed Potatoes for $1.99.  The homemade mashed potato recipe with the instructions and ingredients, can be found here


A Thanksgiving meal isn’t a Thanksgiving meal without the stuffing and “Spend with Pennies” has an easy homemade stuffing recipe. It only takes an hour and ten minutes to make with prep time and baking. The other option if you’re on a budget is Stove Top, which is sold at Target for $1.99. The recipe for the homemade stuffing from Spend with Pennies can be found here


Something sweet and sugary to have along with the pies are Snickerdoodles! “Modern Honey” has “The Best Snickerdoodle Recipe” to bring home for the holidays. If you’re in the mood for Christmas while eating turkey, these are great to bring along. Modern Honey has a step-by-step easy to follow recipe on their website with the ingredients you can find right here. For a tight budget, you can find Snickerdoodles at Walmart for only $2.87. 

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies 

“Delish” has a delicious tiny dessert for you and your friends to have fun making this holiday season. Pumpkin Whoopie Pies are two small pumpkin cake-like cookies squished together with vanilla icing. These pies only take an hour and ten minutes to bake including making the icing, although this part can be substituted by buying a small tub of Betty Crocker icing at Target for only $1.59.  Click here to view the full recipe.

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Dream Bars 

For your gluten-free friends, Pumpkin Dream Bars are the move to bring to the dessert table. “Delish” has a step-by-step recipe with the ingredients you’ll need.  This easy recipe takes two hours to make in all including making the crust and the filling for the bars.  Here is the recipe, enjoy!

We hope you and your friends have a fun and delicious Friendsgiving meal this holiday season!

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