Five Apps for Your Time in Quarantine

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Madeline Bartsche
Arts & Entertainment Staff Writer

Netflix Party 

I’m sure we’ve all been spending quite a lot of time indoors on Netflix. What you might not know, though, is Netflix has recently added a new feature: Netflix Party. Netflix Party syncs video playback and adds group chat to your favorite Netflix show. Simply install Netflix Party from, open a Netflix video and create your party. Creating your party will give you a party URL that you can share with your friends.

Amazon Theater Movies

You can’t go to the movies, so the movies will come to you. Amazon’s Prime Video Cinema allows you to rent recently released movies. Check Amazon’s Prime Video Cinema out to see movies such as “Onward,” “The Hunt,” “The Invisible Man,” “Emma,” “Birds of Prey” and “The Way Back.” This is the very first time a  Hollywood studio has bypassed the original first released in theaters route! Indeed, staying home instead of heading to the theater works to keep us all safer.


Bandsintown, the number one concert discovery app, has always worked to connect fans to the concerts of their favorite artists. Now they are getting fans closer than ever to artists with their live music. These virtual festivals, which can be reached at, gives viewers the chance to watch artists such as Fly by Midnight, The Frights, Rence, BLON:ISH and much more as the artists perform live. The live music festival brings an acoustic version of your favorite songs from the artist’s living room to the comfort of your own home. 

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What would be the name of your mom’s band? What would your little brother’s biggest fear be?  Find out how your family and friends would answer these questions and more with Psych. Psych’s And The Truth Comes Out game presents players with various questions about their family members, then all the players vote on their favorite answer. With the influx in family time, this game allows the perfect opportunity to outwit your family members. Answers can range from being extremely honest, punny, witty or sarcastic, guaranteeing you and your family a laugh.


With the constant COVID-19 Twitter updates, the stress of online classes and social distancing, it’s difficult not to feel overwhelmed. Headspace allows you to choose from hundreds of guided meditations to help you de-stress, get better sleep and focus on productivity. Many of the mindfulness tools are free and easily accessible through the app. During this anxiety-filled time, it’s important to focus on mindfulness. Headspace can serve as a starting point to enter into a state of mindful thinking.

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