Finding soft vibes through an offbeat rhythm

“Passenger” is among the artists recommended if you’re looking to jam to some soft vibes music, photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. 

Ren Sikes
Contributing Writer

There is nothing that a good Spotify playlist can’t get you through. I live by this statement. 

My music taste has changed over the years, but one thing that has yet to change is the way music makes me feel. Music heals the soul, and my current go-to playlist does just that. Rightfully titled “Soft Vibes,” this playlist takes me through some of my favorite indie pop and somewhat obscure songs from over the years. 

I only recently got into Indie music, but it has truly changed my life. I suppose it romanticizes the free, nomad, hippy van life dream that I have had for years. I imagine myself driving through the mountains with the windows down while blasting this playlist. 

While my music taste changes frequently, certain songs manage to wiggle their way into all of my playlists. One of those is “King and Lionheart” by Of Monsters and Men, a four and a half minute journey through winter night skies and bright blue city lights. 

The song depicts a relationship where two people vow to stand by each other’s side through mountains stacked with fears and seas that are painted black. Even at the end of the world, they will be by each other’s side. Being a Lionheart is something that I strive for. What a Lionheart is, I couldn’t say, but this song makes it sound amazing. 

Another go-to song of mine is “Let Her Go” by Passenger. This song has been one of my favorites for years, ever since middle school when I was watching Warrior Cat animatics on YouTube. 

One thing that brings me unbelievable amounts of joy is listening to a song that you haven’t heard in a while. It is like seeing a childhood friend after years of being apart. It takes you back to a better time. “Let Her Go” reminds me to cherish the moments I have… cherish the present. After all, I will only know I miss them when I let them go. 

Following that philosophy, a third, but not last song that I integrate into almost every playlist is one that I only rediscovered recently. “Lost in You” by khai dreams, a short but sweet song that utilizes simple guitar chords and a beat composed of what sounds like stomps and claps. 

The simplicity of this song’s background instrumental allows the listener to focus on the lyrics, sung in a key of F minor. (I looked that one up, music majors don’t come for me about not knowing the key on hand.) 

This song depicts the story of an awkward man just looking for mutual love. In an attempt to not complicate any of this, he puts it into song. His experience has been nothing but unrequited. He loses himself in an unnamed person, and this is his confession to them. 

Part of why I love this song is that the singer does not identify the gender of his mutual love. As a nonbinary identifying pansexual, it is dificult to find media that caters to my preferences.  When I do find media that caters, I latch on. I also believe my ex boyfriend from my sophomore year of high school introduced this song to me, so maybe I just relate it to happy relationships.

If you have the time to check out any of these songs, I recommend that you do so and get lost in an off beat rhythm with me. While writing this, I had the perfect excuse to play these songs and this playlist as a whole on repeat. I recommend that you take a moment to jam out to your favorite songs and dance around your dorm room like no one is watching. 

Because, after all, what better way to spend your time stuck indoors than to have a jam session? 

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