Festival that isn’t Lolla, Bonnaroo, etc. plays city that isn’t NYC, Chicago, etc.

By: Louis De Gruy – Web Editor

Well folks, it’s here. That long-awaited summer explosion of musical talent has finally arrived. When it comes to—no, it isn’t Lollapalooza. As I was saying, when it comes to annual music festivals, one stands out for its charm—no, it’s not Bonnaroo. Can you just give me a second? BarnJam is over. What are you even talking about?

Okay, let’s just make this easy. I’m talking about the Bunbury Music Festival, which will be held this weekend in Cincinnati’s Yeatman’s Cove Park, nestled among several green spaces overlooking the Ohio River.

Whether you’re looking to dance the night away with Walk the Moon, whip out a lighter with Old Crow Medicine Show or bounce to the silky smooth Snoop, Bunbury has something for you.

The performers at Bunbury have largely been grouped by genre onto different sages for each day, while the more popular performers (The Black Keys, Bleachers and Snoop Dogg) occupy the main stage. In addition, there are convenient breaks at the main stage to allow festival-goers to visit other acts with ample time to fight to the death over reclaim their coveted position at the first stage.

A common strategy to secure that position is to arrive mid-day at a stage where the headliner you know you want to see will eventually be then work your way to the front lines as the day goes on. In my experience, this fear of losing a prime spot has always made me miss out on other desirable acts. This time around, I am happy to say I’ve conquered that fear and developed a new one: the sun. So bring out the sunscreen and extra water because this weekend promises to be warm and dry and upon arriving at any of the four stages, whatever act you see will be sure to pull you in and trap you because you’ll never want to leave.

I get that you’re probably expecting me to impose my own opinions on music and the acts you must see, but, after religiously listening to the work of the artists appearing this weekend, I honestly couldn’t decide which acts to talk about and which to neglect. Mentioning one act over another at this point would feel like a parent declaring a favorite child.

Of all those performing, I can say that there is one thing lacking: dryness. None of these performers will make you want to pull out your phone unless it’s to snapchat proof you were in the same vicinity as Snoop.

I leave it to you to decide if I’m right or wrong. After that, make your way to the river, bring a fanny pack (I swear they’re coming back), a lot of water and your dancing shoes…OK… I know those aren’t coming back, but you get it.

To buy tickets, check the schedule or find out why the logo is a weird bee, visit the Bunbury Music Festival website. Keep checking flyernews.com and @FlyerNews throughout the weekend for coverage of the festival.

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