Fashionably executed: A collaboration with Hardware LDN and Biohaven Pharmaceuticals at New York Fashion Week

Lauren Durham, print editor-in-chief, had the opportunity to attend Hardware LDN’s show at New York Fashion Week this month as a journalist covering the event and also as a public relations student who got to see the final implementation stages of a PR campaign play out. Photo of Durham provided.

Lauren Durham | Print Editor-in-Chief

London fashion designer Jessica Horwell debuted her grungy, eclectic fall and winter 2022 collection at New York Fashion Week on Feb. 12. Pieces included form-fitting dresses, flattering knits with shape-enhancing accents from balloon sleeves to fur cuffs, and a leather bomber jacket embroidered with the words “Fearless, “Grateful,” and “Relief” across the front to raise awareness for a disease that affects women three times more than men – migraines. 

Biohaven Pharmaceuticals partnered with Hardware LDN to help empower women with migraines to advocate for themselves and demand more from their treatment.

“We’re about women empowerment. We’re about changing women’s daily lives, and that’s really where I see the connection,” Horwell said. “Not every woman cares about what they wear. But I do feel that when women feel confident in what they are wearing and when they feel healthy, they want to be out. They want to be seen and living their best lives.”

Ale Mayr, writer and Nurtec ODT patient. Photo courtesy of Filippo Firo, IMAXtree.

The Hardware LDN style is for tomboys to the girly girls to the latest up-and-coming rappers and creatives. Defined by leather, dress silhouettes and metal trims and embellishments, the brand is a mix of grungy and glamorous.

“Hardware LDN is about authenticity,” Horwell said. “When you buy Hardware, it’s because you want to be bold. You want to make a statement. You want to emphasize to people that you are part of that lifestyle.”

Established in 2014 by Horwell, Hardware LDN  began with jewelry creations made with hardware she found in her friend’s garage. Horwell made custom pieces for her close circle of friends and creatives, including Cara Delevigne and Rita Ora, until eventually the brand grew into a high fashion line. 

Amy Marietta, blogger and Nurtec ODT patient. Photo courtesy of Filippo Fior, IMAXtree.

“It’s really important for me to make high quality garments, timeless pieces – jackets you’re going to look at five to ten years down the line and love them just as much as the day you bought them,” Horwell said. “I think there is so much fast fashion and badly made garments, and I want to make something different where people can see the love, quality and care that’s gone into making them.”

Four models living with migraines who use Biohaven Pharmaceuticals migraine treatment, Nurtec ODT, walked the runway to further amplify the message of confidence and female empowerment. 

“My heart is racing. It’s so inspiring. I love being around other creative people,” said Amy Marietta, blogger and Nurtec ODT influencer, minutes after the show ended. 

“I’m so happy to spread awareness about [migraines] because so many people are affected. This is the perfect partnership.”

Several other Nurtec ODT influencers and real-life migraine patients attended the show, including college student Ellie Wiese. 

As a junior in high school, Wiese did not think she would be able to go to college because her migraines were so debilitating. When she turned 18, she enrolled in the Nurtec ODT trial.  Almost four years later, she is in her fourth year of a dual-degree program at Wagner College in Staten Island where she is studying to be a physician’s assistant.

“It’s a very intense, expedited program where you are just studying constantly. I absolutely know I would never have made it through this last year,” Wiese said, crediting NurtecODT for her academic success. “I’m very grateful for everything everyone at Biohaven has done.”

Jessica Horwell, founder and designer of Hardware LDN. Photo courtesy of Ben Rosser, BFA.

She enjoyed her time at the show, noting how meaningful it was to interact with other women who also struggle with migraines. 

“To see what the drug has done to change the lives of these women is really impactful because I know how much it’s changed my life. I honestly don’t know if any of us would be where we are today without it,” Wiese said. 

“Everyone thinks it’s just a headache, and it’s not. It’s not just a headache. To be able to be with a group of people that understand what you’re going through – because a lot of people don’t understand what you’re going through – to be heard and to share experiences and know you’re not alone is a very moving thing.”

Wiese noted that the words on the Nurtec ODT jacket were particularly meaningful, given the battles migraine patients fight all the time. 

Horwell shared specific advice for the Flyer News audience, men and women in their early-20s. 

“Don’t be afraid to be different. In fact, being different is one of the best things you can ever be. Thinking outside the box and thinking uniquely and creatively is a gift, and if you see that you have it, you need to follow it,” Horwell said. 

Next up, Horwell is planning Hardware LDN pop ups in New York in June. She is also working on plans to expand her jewelry, accessories, and menswear. Her goal is to build upon the success of her New York show and continue to expand the brand.

And you might be wondering beyond the styles presented at the Hardware LDN show… what color is in for 2022? Conveniently, it’s Very Peri – a soft purple and a familiar hue to the color of Nurtec ODT. 

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Watch the NYFW 2022 Hardware LDN show here.

Durham in front of Hardware LND. Photo provided.

Writer’s note: It was an absolute pleasure to attend Hardware LDN’s show at New York Fashion Week, and I learned so much from interviewing and observing the partnership between the fashion brand and Biohaven Pharmaceuticals. As a senior public relations student who has studied case studies and campaigns for years, it was so educational and exciting to watch the implementation of this campaign play out in front of me. And as a journalist and editor of Flyer News, it was an honor to attend the event as a member of the press. 

Thanks to Biohaven and Hardware LDN for making me feel welcome and helping me feel extra inspired about the field I have chosen!

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