Energy, Enthusiasm Brings Students Together At Two Friends Performance

Lauren Durham
Contributing Writer

I entered with high expectations as I heard the cheers of students and booming bass blasting from the speakers. I left with shoes caked in mud, a huge smile on my face, and a sense of community unique to anything I had experienced at UD so far.  On Friday, November 2, Monster Energy’s Up & Up Contest rewarded the Flyers for the most presale tickets sold by filling the streets of downtown Dayton with upbeat, energetic EDM music.

The festival showcased up-and-coming electronic dance music artists, ranging from current college students to famous touring groups. Two friends, one of the most current EDM groups, was the ultimate reward for UD students.  The night was truly a celebration of UD’s vibrant, upbeat community.

The festival was held at the brand new Levitt Pavilion in the heart of downtown Dayton. Although the weather was not ideal, no amount of rain, wind, or mud could stop the students of the University of Dayton from dancing the night away.

Maddy Bartsche, one of the concert attendees said, “The energy and enthusiasm in the air is really what brought the concert to life.”

The first act was DJ Masin, who is a fifth year student here at the University of Dayton. Matt Masin and his friend Drew Groth are the individuals who entered the university into the competition and ultimately enabled students to experience this festival.

Jersey Day and Cryztal Grid, both Gem City natives, performed after.

Two Friends, of Matt Halper and Eli Sones, lived up to the anticipation following their arrival here in Dayton. Their set, a seamless blend of old classics and fresh new singles, kept everyone on their feet and dancing throughout their performance.

Freshman Katie Taylor shared, “The DJs, Two Friends, had an energy that was contagious and spread through their music.”

I attended the music festival with my boyfriend who goes to the University of Toledo, and we both weren’t entirely sure what to expect. I wasn’t super familiar with EDM music, and with this being a first time event for our campus, I was unsure about what kind of turnout the event would receive.

Needless to say, Levitt Pavilion was packed with students. First years and seniors were shoulder to shoulder, jumping up and down to the pounding bass. The enthusiasm was contagious, and I instantly knew the event was exactly what Groth and Masin envisioned. Whether it was being a little too close to the person next to you or the positive energy that engulfed downtown Dayton, UD’s sense of community was on full display.

The University of Dayton will have another opportunity to bring a similar experience back next semester. The headlining act will be another trending EDM artist. Be on the lookout for more information so a second concert can be secured. Until then, I’ll be listening to EDM music on Spotify and preparing for the next epic festival.

Photos courtesy of Christian Cubacub.

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