Dorm Sweet Dorm

Lauren Durham
Asst. Arts & Entertainment Editor

It’s been about a month since boxes were unpacked, beds were made and your new UD space became a home. How are things looking? Were your parents proud when they visited for Family Weekend or disappointed?

Whether you’re living in a Founders room or a house in the student neighborhood, there is always room for a little creativity. Here are some quick tips to help you spruce up your space: 

1. Begin at Target

Courtesy of Postize

If you have yet to make a Target run this semester, do it. Target is a one-stop shop for dorm decor, and at this point in the year a lot of college essentials are discounted. 

Make sure to take a look at the dollar section while you are there. From shower caddies to wall shelves, the area of is practically made for college students. 

The nearest Target stores are in Beavercreek, Centerville and Kettering. 

2. Flower power

Courtesy of Flickr

Feeling crafty? A popular DIY project involves fishing line, hot glue and lots of fake flowers. With a few simple steps, you can create your own flower wall instead of purchasing yet another tapestry. 

Pinterest is full of step-by-step directions, but here is a quick rundown of how to make an inexpensive wall hanging. 

  1. Separate all of the fake flowers from their bouquets. Make sure to leave stems attached.
  2. Group your flowers in strands of about nine. Try to create some sort of pattern.
  3. Place a dot of hot glue on the end of one stem, then attach it to the middle of another flower. You may need to apply pressure so they hold together. Continue until the strands are connected. Let dry. 
  4. Get your Command hooks ready on the empty wall. 
  5. Tie the fishing line around the base of your top-most flower.

Voilà! Your bare wall is now covered, and you have permission to show off your project to whoever comes over. 

3. Sneaky storage 

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

There will always be more blankets than you need and more snacks than your shelves can handle. Always. 

For all of your excess blankets, sweatshirts or shoes, a storage ottoman cube might be a wise investment. They are sold at Walmart, Target and Bed Bath & Beyond and are generally less than $20. Plus, an ottoman can be useful for getting up into your lofted bed. (I speak from experience.)

If your Pretzel Crisps, Larabars and SkinnyPop need a permanent home, I recommend a three-tier rolling cart. With designs in all sizes and colors, it should not be difficult to find a cart that fits your space. Most home and office stores carry them, but the best locations might be Target, Amazon or IKEA. 

4. Light It Up

Courtesy of Pixabay

Yes, string lights are essential to a college student’s space. We know this. However, try experimenting with a few more sources of light. It’s amazing how an extra lamp or two can warm up a space. 

If you are looking for a light source that isn’t a typical lamp, try lanterns. They are super inexpensive and can be either hung or placed on a dresser. Acrylic signs are also a fun option. They are cheap and can add a little character to the room. 

If you are still stuck on string lights, there are options beyond the Christmas staple. Go for globe lights, photo clip lights or even taco lights. Go nuts!

5. Succ-er for plants

Courtesy of Pixabay

You had me at aloe. Thorn down for what. The list of puns goes on. Succulents can add a simple touch of green to your desk, shelf or windowsill. 

There is a reason why college students love them so much— they are cheap and require minimal effort. Most succulents require water every 3-4 weeks, and it’s even recommended to under water them. It couldn’t get much easier. 

Dayton has its own store devoted to all things green and trendy. Now and Zen DIY Studio, at 37 S. Saint Clair St., gives customers the opportunity to create their own terrariums. For a base price of $7, visitors can utilize anything from sand to Scrabble tiles to add to their plants. The business also offers workshops and private event bookings. 

In summary, go to Target, spend some time on Pinterest and have fun with it. I promise you won’t break the bank, and your room will look better than ever. Happy decorating!

Cover photo courtesy of Wikimedia

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