Contributing Writer Uncovers Hidden Gem Of Dayton: Yellow Cab Tavern’s Gemfest 2018

Jonah Ferguson
Contributing Writer

There is no better feeling than going out on a Saturday night and jamming to some live music with your friends, especially when it is for a great cause. This is exactly what went down at Yellow Cab Tavern this past Saturday night, and it sure was a blast.

The city of Dayton has an underrated, yet very vibrant art and live music scene, and Yellow Cab Tavern is at the center of it.

Located just outside of the Oregon District in a renovated building previously owned by a taxi company (hence the name), the venue frequents many local musicians. An art gallery, which features different artists every month, is also part of what gives yellow cab it’s unique vibe.

The most recent major event hosted by Yellow Cab was Gemfest, an event which featured six different bands, local art, and a food truck from Wrappin’ and Rollin’ Cafe. Many different people of all different ages gathered in the creative environment for a night full of guitars and grub.

There was a five dollar cover for the event, which went directly to the Artemis Center, a local domestic violence resource center. This was truly a fantastic way to provide support to an essential organization in our community which is doing everything in its power to provide support.

Personally, I had a great time kicking back and enjoying the music, and was happy that I could contribute to a positive cause in some way. The event got started around 7:00 and I was told it could go until at least 1:00 A.M. I really enjoyed the energy at Yellow Cab, as I could tell that everyone there was very passionate about the venue and the community of artists in Dayton as a whole. It is nice to know that places like Yellow Cab exist in our community that are working to foster artistic growth, and to provide a downright good time.  

Photos courtesy of Jonah Ferguson.

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