Community Means Everyone: A Week of Reflection

By: Brett Slaughenhaupt – Staff Writer

When people think of the University of Dayton, the first thing that comes to their mind is “community.” However, rarely do people further and reflect on that – what exactly is our community, who are the mutual members that are a part of it, etc. There are so many examples of healthy community living at UD – from our top-notch education to over 250 student organizations working together, but that does not mean that there aren’t examples of harmfulness, as well. Just like all of society, we have to continue to work together to keep it strong.

November 13 through 20 is Community Means Everyone week – eight days of reflective programming and advocacy that focuses on defining different communities, at UD and in the larger world. Headed by the LGBTQ+ Support Services, this week will involve collaboration with other support centers on campus, like the Office of Multicultural Affairs, the Center for International Programs, and Campus Ministry, as well as efforts provided by student organizations, like Student Government Association, Spectrum, and BATU.

The week begins on Sunday, November 13, at the Student Government general meeting where Dr. Burnley, VP of Diversity and Inclusion, will talk about initiatives he is working on to better our campus. After a week of programming, it commences the next Sunday with a ceremony in recognition of National Trans* Day of Awareness.

From numerous PATH events, to a festival with food, to chats over hot chocolate, and Instagram-worthy photo ops, there will be plenty of opportunities to invest some time into how we, as individuals, affect others’ experiences in the community. Based on the Principles of Community Living at UD, the week hopes to create a realistic view of what it means to hold stock as members of the world. Make sure to show up, so that you can learn how to further strengthen the community and make our campus a better place.

Further questions about Community Means Everyone week can be directed to Laura Gentner, Coordinator for LGBTQ+ Support Services.

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