Christmas treat yourself!

How to make Reindeer Oreos, photo courtesy of Tori Miller.

Tori Miller
Contributing Writers

Can’t decide between joining in reindeer games or making tasty Christmas treats? Why not both! This is a delicious take on Christmas cookies… but Oreo style. Here’s how to easily make a reindeer-inspired Oreo treat!

What you’ll need:

  • Oreos
  • M&Ms
  • Twisted pretzels
  • Cutting board
  • A knife
  • A clean space to work

Time commitment:

  • 15 to 20 minutes

Step 1

Gather your ingredients and find a clean space to get in the Christmas spirit. Also get your cutting board and knife ready to go.

Step 2

Prepare the pretzels to be the reindeer antlers. Take your pretzels, put them on the cutting board and use the knife to cut the snack down the middle. Next, carefully cut away the center section, making the pretzels look more like antlers. Be careful because the pretzels break easily. The picture to the right is how the antlers should look after the slice. 

Step 3

Set one Oreo aside to only use the icing. The icing will be used for the eyes of the reindeer and will stick the M&M nose to the Oreo cookie. 

Step 4

Take the icing from the set aside Oreo and start rolling the icing into little balls (these will be the eyes for the reindeer).

Make sure to leave some icing in order for the nose to stick on the cookie.

Step 5

After you’ve used most of the icing, crush the Oreo into little pieces (these bits will work as pupils on the eyes). 

Step 6 

Now that all the prep work has been done, you can finally start making those Oreos look festive! 

Take a fresh Oreo and open it. After the two sides have been split, take the pretzel antlers and place them in the icing of one side. 

Then, cover the antlers by putting the cookie back together. 

Next, take a little icing and smear it on the “M” side of the M&M. After this is done, place it on the Oreo where you believe Rudolph’s nose will shine the brightest. 

Finally, put two of the little balls of icing where the reindeers peeps should be just above the nose. To make the eyes look more realistic, take some of the crumbles from the crushed Oreo and add it to the center of the icing. 

Ta Dah! You turned a plain Oreo into a festive Christmas-themed treat . This recipe didn’t require heat or refrigeration, so the Oreos can be eaten without delay! 

There are other recipe options like this, but this was inspired by Oh! Nuts Sweet and Crunchy Blog.

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