UPDATE: Celebrities react to projected election results

Photo of Mark Ruffalo, courtesy of Wikimedia.

Cat McNamara


After days of waiting for results, many networks have projected that Joe Biden will be elected the 46th President of the United States on Nov. 7.

Here’s how celebrities are reacting: 

John Legend congratulates the president and vice president elect, Biden and Harris.

Lin-Manuel, creator of Hamilton, shares a Gif from the show saying, “We won!”  

Khalid celebrates the news of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris winning the election.  


Meanwhile, other celebrities are showing different responses to the news of President-elect, Joe Biden.

Tomi Lahren posts her support for Donald Trump, saying the fight for the presidency is not over.

Actor Antonio SabàtoJr. urges his followers to change their profile pictures to red in support of Donald Trump.


Actress Kirstie Alley responds to a critic, assuring that she will not be gracious during this change of power. 


Mindy Kaling shares a picture of the first woman and POC vice president, Kamala Harris, saying she’s proud that finally someone in office looks like her and her daughter.   

Lady Gaga posts a picture of her with Joe Biden, praising Pennsylvania for their turnout this election. 



As the world continues to wait for the results of the 2020 Presidential Election, celebrities are doing what they do best — tweeting.

Here’s what they are saying, so far:

Mark Ruffalo, a member of the Avengers cast is emphasizing the importance of the Native vote in changing the turnout of the election.

John Legend is calling for all the votes to be counted before a party claims victory.

Phillipa Soo from Hamilton also urges fans to follow Aaron Burr’s words and “Wait for it”  as every last vote is counted.

Lady Gaga is sending the nation virtual hugs and proclaiming her faith in the human spirit.

Meanwhile, some celebrities are sharing differing opinions. Kirstie Alley hopes for the re-election of Donald Trump, while Sarah Cooper posts a picture of her dog wearing a Biden-Harris bandana as they wait for the final votes to trickle in 


Finally, Stephen Colbert jokes about the stress that comes from waiting for a final call.

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