Cast changes, plot developments raise anticipation for spring series

By: Grace Wolford – Asst. Art Director

Editor’s note: Grace is a passionate television series follower with a wide range of interests and a tendency to reveal spoilers with reckless, romantic abandon.

It’s a new semester at the University of Dayton, and in spite of your new year’s resolution, you have found yourself up at 3 a.m. with a pile of homework, a “Big Ten” from CV’s, no desire to stop your procrastination train and a feeling of self-hatred that fills your entire body. What’s a student to do? Sit down, eat those feelings and watch some quality television.


As every middle-aged mom’s (and my) favorite British program about a family in the early 20th century returns, I know that each devoted fan is asking herself, “Where is it going to go from here? “Why, actor that plays Matthew, why?!”

“Crap, does Billy have a ride home from soccer practice tomorrow?”

Friends, both appropriately my age and older, let me put your hearts at ease—this season will be just as emotionally destructive as the last. In addition to the departure of Lady Sybil (Jessica Brown Finley) and Matthew (Dan Stevens), so they could go fail at Broadway or something O’Brien (Siobhan Finneran) will be gone, as shown in the premiere episode that aired Sunday, Jan. 5. I don’t know where that actress went, but my theory is that she was tired of being slapped in the face by soccer moms at the grocery store. In her place, we are getting a new evil maid named Rose, but I just call her “Replacement O’Brien.” Seriously, guys? Why did you leave this goldmine of a show?

I have it on good authority that Replacement O’Brien will be very evil indeed. I also have it on more good authority (My mom, who totally spoiled the show for me because she heard from Suzy So’n’So at her job who’s son lives in England and has seen the whole show…thanks) that we should definitely be watching what happens to Anna and Bates. My heart already is breaking.


Dude. Dude. Yo, bro. Dude. WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN NOW? Am I the only person who thinks the baby is dead? I hope she isn’t, but a car seat full of blood? C’mon guys, I think that baby is toast. Also, let us take a moment of silence for
Hershel, everyone’s favorite old guy/doctor/Santa Claus. Now let us take a moment of malicious laughter for the governor (HAHAHA NO ONE IS SAD YOU ARE DEAD, NOT EVEN YOUR STUPID GIRLFRIEND HAHAHA). Was that harsh? He kept human heads in jars; I don’t think it’s possible to be too harsh when talking about him.

As far as where this show is going to go—I honestly have no idea but I am pretty sure it’s going to be awesome. The prison is gone and everyone is split up, so now our favorite group of zombie-killing super friends is back to basics.

Carl is still alive and he doesn’t suck nearly as much as he used to. Rick’s dreams of being a farmer were cut short by the vicious reality that this is the zombie apocalypse. All I know is if I don’t find out what creeper is killing and dissecting rats soon, I am going to blow a blood vessel from angst.


The show’s creator, Dan Harmon, is back, and hopefully good episodes of this show will be too. If you remember what it was like when this show first started in 2009 (Hannah Montana was still airing and Michael Jackson was still alive), it used to be the freaks/geeks answer to primetime television.

Unfortunately, Donald Glover will be leaving, and that makes me morose because I was in love with his character, Troy.
I was absolutely not a fan of Britta and Troy dating though, so I suppose it’s a blessing in disguise. Wait, no it isn’t. DONALD! WHY ARE YOU LEAVING US, DONALD? (It is because he is pursuing a music career as Childish Gambino, which you probably already know about, but should check it out if you don’t.)
With the return of Harmon, I hope that we will see some of that awesomesauce again, and all the freaks/geeks can stop watching stupid Big Bang Theory and watch this instead.

While these will be the highlights of my spring television viewing, the suspenseful future welcomes the return of other beloved shows like Game of Thrones, The Americans, Archer, Girls, The Following, Sherlock, Portlandia and House of Cards. So, next time you consider exiting your personal procrastination train, get right back on – order another pizza and turn on the TV.

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