Beartooth’s ‘Disease’: A Five-Star Album

Daniel Peters 
Contributing Writer 

Cover photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Beartooth is back and came out of the gates swinging. 

Their first song, “Greatness or Death,” starts the album off with a smack in the face with heavy and aggressive riffs and vocals that have become a Beartooth staple. However, the title track of the album does more than show a Beartooth staple sound. “Disease” shows exactly what goes on in the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world. Words cannot describe what this song means to people, especially me. 

Caleb Shomo, the lead singer, producer, writer, instrumentalist and the mastermind of all Beartooth music, dove deep within himself and locked himself away to write this song. His battle with mental health speaks volumes, and it’s proven in this song and throughout the entire album. His powerful words before performing this song in Columbus in November 2018 stuck with me so much that I have his words with me forever, both mentally and physically. 


I have been a fan of this band since 2014 right after the release of their first album, “Disgusting.” I believe that everything that they have released is worth listening to, however, “Disease” is the one album that I think is flawless and deserves to be heard by everybody. 

With other hits like “Fire,” “Bad Listener,” “Afterall” and “Infection,” there is a song on this album for everyone. I highly recommend this album to anyone who wants to get into hard rock, Beartooth or just something different. Every song on this album is a masterpiece. I highly recommend the songs “Disease,” “Fire,” “You Never Know,” “Afterall,” “Infection,” “Used and Abused” and “Clever.”

 I give this album a 10/10. To me, this is a perfect album, and there aren’t many albums I think deserve a perfect score. 

Catch more about Beartooth in our next print edition when Daniel Peters reviews the Louder Than Life Festival out of Louisville, Kentucky.

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