Band of brothers Jonathan Jackson + Enation to play Columbus

jonathan jacksonPhoto courtesy of Loud & Proud Records

By: Julia Hall – Staff Writer

Jonathan Jackson + Enation will make a stop in Columbus, Ohio, Friday on its summer tour, which features new album, “Radio Cinematic.”

Born over a decade ago, Jonathan Jackson + Enation delivers an upbeat sound to alternative rock with a storytelling approach to songwriting. In an interview with Flyer News, Jackson elaborated, “We write using a story and keeping characters in mind, which usually characterizes filmmakers.”

“Radio Cinematic” embodies this style. The entire album was carefully pieced together by organizing songs into rising action, tension-filled climax and falling action.

Jonathan Jackson + Enation consists of Jackson as lead singer and guitarist, his brother, Richard, on drums and their friend, Daniel Sweatt, on bass.

The brothers have been making music together since their early teenage years – playing in clubs as early as thirteen. “We really cut our teeth in music at an early age,” Jackson said.

The roots of Jonathan Jackson + Enation spring from the brothers’ passion for music, which was inherited from previous generations. The Jackson boys’ father, Ricky Lee Jackson, introduced them to music with his own country music career. Jackson said his father “was actually a family practitioner doctor, but playing country music was his love.” Their uncle, Gary Jackson, taught Jonathan to play guitar. Both their father and their uncle even played in the first band the Jackson brothers created.

Jackson has also been an actor for 11 years on popular TV shows, including “Nashville.” Years of playing in the spotlight have prepared Jackson for his music career.

“I love performing live because I love connecting with people,” Jackson said, “especially because music means so much to people.”

The band’s albums document and share their personal experiences and interests.

As an avid reader of history, Jackson said that being “exposed to different cultures at different times throughout history contribute to [his] song-writing, like anything [he] experience[s].”

The members also hope sharing their music makes a difference for others. Jonathan Jackson + Enation supports two human rights organizations: The Syria Project and NOT FOR SALE.

“One of our songs, ‘A Far Away Reality,’ was written in response to the civil war in Syria, where millions of refugees come from,” Jackson explained.

The band also supports NOT FOR SALE, an organization that works to combat human trafficking. Jackson said that these two organizations are “held close to [his] heart.”

Jackson + Enation will perform at the A&R Music Bar in Columbus, Ohio, at 7 p.m. Friday May 29. For ticket information, click here.

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