Automagik enters ‘Dark Daze’

By: Nathan Helfferich – Staff Writer

Cincinnati’s own up-and-coming rock band Automagik has recently picked up a lot of momentum with its new EP, entitled “Dark Daze,” released on Oct. 23. The band’s tour promoting its newest release passes through Dayton with a show at Blind Bob’s in the Oregon District on Nov. 3.

The band reverberates with catchy, upbeat tunes to the likes of artists such as Foxy Shazam, Arctic Monkeys and Grouplove. They also have experience opening up for a plethora of national artists, including Matt & Kim, Electric Six, Andrew W.K., Surfer Blood and many more. Their new EP can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Here’s my song-by-song analysis of “Dark Daze.”

“F      Up”- Anyone with the desire to let go of their past regrets needs to give this song a listen. I’m not a huge fan of some of the lyrics, but if they were trying to make a statement with their opening song, they definitely found success.

“Pop Kiss”- This song has a great blend of soothing, bass-heavy verses with loud, guitar-filled refrains. A feel-good song that will be sure to leave you hitting the repeat button on this one.

“Pink Champagne”- This is the only song on the EP that doesn’t catch my interest. The vocals seem to be a bit of a stretch. Similar to champagne, this song shouldn’t be consumed in excess.

“Rick Rubin”- In this song, Automagik makes it known that they have big dreams, such as working with renowned record producer Rick Rubin. Positive vibes echo throughout the lyrics, but the sound doesn’t really match up for me on this one. Props for an awesome outro on this one, though.

“Dark Daze”- The title track to this EP stands out as a personal favorite for me. A killer bassline never hurt anyone. If any of these songs is a required listen, it’s this one. As the last song on the EP, “Dark Daze” puts the icing on the cake.

Automagik has definitely established their identity in this EP with no signs, or the necessity, of making big changes to their sound anytime soon. Delightfully catchy and foot-tapping, “Dark Daze” is a must listen for every modern rock fan.

Album artwork of “Dark Daze” by Automagik featured above.

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