An ice cream tour of Dayton

One of our A&E writers provided the run-down on ice cream shops around campus. Photo of ice cream courtesy of Maddy Bartsche.

Mallory Boring | Contributing Writer

While July might be national ice cream month, it’s always a good time to enjoy a cold treat from one of the many ice cream shops close to campus. In preparation for another year on our beautiful campus, I have visited some of Dayton’s ice cream shops that I think are perfect for UD students. If you’re in the mood for ice cream, you’ve come to the right place!

Graeter’s Ice Cream

Cincinnati-based Graeter’s Ice Cream has three shops in the Dayton area, and the Oakwood location is less than a ten-minute drive from campus. Graeter’s offers a wide selection including classic flavors, sorbets and famous toppings — chocolate chips, fudge chips, caramel brownie chunks and many more. It also sell sundaes, milkshakes and ice cream cakes. My go-to is the Buckeye Blitz Chocolate Chip, a chocolate peanut butter ice cream with peanut butter cookie dough and dark chocolate chips. While Graeter’s is slightly higher priced than other alternatives, the quality of the ice cream is worth the cost. Seating inside Graeter’s is still limited as a result of COVID-19. 

Why should you go? Their high-quality ice cream.

Ben & Jerry’s

Located on the corner of Brown and Irving is Ben & Jerry’s. Ben & Jerry’s is the closest ice cream shop to UD’s campus, making it convenient for students. I like Ben & Jerry’s because it has a lot of fun flavors, a few of which are also vegan. If you’re a fan of chocolate like me, I recommend Chocolate Fudge Brownie which contains actual bites of brownie. The indoor seating is still closed, but there are tables outside to sit at, or you can take it to go and eat on your porch. 

Why should you go? The fun flavors and convenient location.

Cold Stone Creamery

Another ice cream shop close to campus is Cold Stone Creamery. You can find Cold Stone just off of Brown Street by Dewey’s and Panera. Cold Stone offers a variety of flavors and allows customers to create their own dessert or choose from a selection of its signature creations. You can also mix candy and other toppings such as Oreos or sprinkles into your ice cream. Although I prefer other ice cream shops over Cold Stone, I like that it gives customers the opportunity to create a customized ice cream instead of just selecting an option from a menu.

Why should you go? To create your own custom ice cream creation. 

United Dairy Farmers

Also located off of Brown Street is United Dairy Farmers. More than just a gas station, UDF has a fully functioning ice cream shop inside its convenience store. UDF is a great option for getting ice cream on a budget – going to UDF for ice cream usually saves me a couple of dollars. The best part about UDF is while you’re saving money on ice cream, you’re not compromising on the quality. The ice cream at UDF is just as good as other ice cream shops because UDF makes its own. I’ve found UDF to be the best place near campus to get a milkshake now that the Galley is gone, which is why my UDF go-to is a chocolate shake. 

Why should you go? Budget-friendly dessert and great milkshakes. 

As summer comes to an end and we head into another year at UD, remember to slow down and enjoy the sweeter things life has to offer, be that a treat from one of Dayton’s ice cream shops, Flyers games or time with friends. 

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