Alumnus to open restaurant, bar in Cincy


By: Caitlin Schneider – Staff Writer

University of Dayton alumnus Nick Pesola has taken a major step in his career and will open his own restaurant, Revolution Rotisserie & Bar, at the end of the month. The restaurant is located in Over-The-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Pesola graduated from UD in 2011. He double majored in psychology and Spanish with a minor in sociology. After being rejected from 12 graduate school programs, Pesola re-evaluated his life and decided that he needed a change. He stumbled upon an opportunity with Dewey’s Pizza and, over a three-year career, trained managers and helped open a new Dewey’s Pizza in Dublin, Ohio.

“While I was at Dewey’s I craved a bigger challenge so I started playing around with the idea of my own restaurant,” Pesola said. “Finding something you love to do usually happens by accident.”

Pesola said UD helped him gain some of the leadership skills necessary to run a business. He took on a leadership role in every organization he joined. Studying psychology helped him understand how and why people do what they do, a skill useful to him in the restaurant industry.

“Even if your first job out of college isn’t your dream job, it’s okay because at least you’re making a salary,” Pesola said. “Start small, and most importantly, start.”

Pesola started brainstorming ideas for the menu in his apartment in Over-The-Rhine. According to Pesola, the menu came from trial and error.

“I started out with foods I liked, fused them together and came up with a different type of food that I was excited about and people were willing to pay for,” he said.

After several months, Pesola had created his very own product: rotisserie chicken sandwiches served on grilled pita bread with fresh toppings and house made sauces. He then coined the name Revolution Rotisserie.

Pesola struggled to convince people to invest in his restaurant, so he decided to start small and sell his pita sandwiches on the weekends at Findlay Market, Ohio’s oldest public farmers market. He sold sandwiches there, at Fountain Square, Washington Park, and at Oktoberfest. He also did catering orders.

“My plan was to prove to the world that I was on to something,” he said.

With the success of his sandwiches, Pesola is now taking the next step and opening his own brick-and-mortar shop, Revolution Rotisserie & Bar.

“As an entrepreneur, you get knocked down a lot,” Pesola said. “If you choose to keep fighting, maybe you’re doing something you’re actually passionate about.”

Currently, Revolution Rotisserie & Bar has a Kickstarter page to fund some of the restaurant’s expenses. The money will be used to put the finishing touches on the restaurant, like lighting, furniture and artwork. Every backer receives a reward based on how much they donate. The aim is to give the backers something valuable in return for their support. The project will only be funded if at least $6,000 is pledged before Friday.

Revolution Rotisserie & Bar uses organic and natural ingredients and values responsibly sourced food. The menu will include eight rotisserie chicken sandwiches on grilled pita bread, four salads, three appetizers and a la carte sides. House-made punch cocktails, craft beers and a wine list will also be available from the bar.

Revolution Rotisserie & Bar opens Monday, February 23 at 1106 Race St. in Over-The-Rhine, Cincinnati. For more information on Revolution Rotisserie & Bar and the kickstarter please visit:

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